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Jackets and coats for women mark the essentials of any woman's wardrobe, designed to complement any outfit. These pieces exude unique style which brings together exemplary know-how of the Paco Rabanne fashion brand.  Contemporary styles include tartan jackets, officers' coats, straight jackets embellished with gold embroidery, tailored jackets, and so much more. To truly complete an outfit, the Fall/Winter Paco Rabanne collection offers a selection of coats and jackets for women. These pieces demonstrate an eye for detail and timeless style, with tons of charm. Expect iconic designs like plaid jackets with tartan inspired patterns, officers' coats embellished with embroidery, straight coats with gold stripes, tailored jackets and  more. Quality materials and refined finishes define these pieces, for jackets and coats that truly exude style. 


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