Discover Paco Rabanne fashion through its best-selling pieces, a collection that exemplifies the hallmarks of the iconic fashion brand. The House is known for its exemplary craftsmanship and unique style creations. Headed by artistic director Julien Dossena, who continues to keep the spirit of its creativity alive, re-imagining classic pieces with new, modern twists. Browse the selection of fashion must haves from the signature Paco Rabanne collection. This fashion tour-de-force, rising to prominence in 1966, today stands out for its exemplary expertise, innovative use of materials, and creations with a unique style. Its artistic director, Julien Dossena, keeps the signature spirit of the Paco Rabanne fashion brand alive, revisiting traditional pieces in a contemporary way.

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1969 Iconic bag Paco Rabanne 1969 Iconic bag Paco Rabanne

The 1969 Iconic bag

Assembled by hand as a seamless surface of metal pastilles, the bag is the quintessential expression of Paco Rabanne.

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