Spring summer 2022 collection

This season, Julien Dossena transports his Paco Rabanne vision to a vast, colour-blocked surface with a view out to the Mediterranean Sea. Here, atop Monaco’s Center of Congress, the Hexa Grace by Victor Vasarely becomes the stage for a collection that radiates vivid sensuality.

From this large-scale public installation, consisting of some 24,000 tiles, to his dynamic abstract paintings that defined the Op art movement, Vasarely’s work through the ‘60s and ‘70s is a natural complement to the radical craft of Paco Rabanne that took shape around this same time. Instantly recognisable, the artist’s geometric language has been officially transcribed – without modification — to jacquards, prints and knits, their placements on the body adding dimensional impact to the optic illusions.


Synesthetic sensations of summer

Living painting, vibrant painting

A duality of precision and ease spans the entire collection, with shimmering, dynamic pieces styled as all-over statements. Materials and patterns are coordinated, maximizing impact and minimizing eccentricity. Elongated silhouettes reveal the body effortlessly: dresses, maxi gilets, tunics and smocked blouses and skirts are variously worn with sarouel pants, fluid flares or cuffed pants.

An immersive and sensual collection

A sensual collection

“I was thinking not just about optic effects but the synesthetic sensations of summer – the sound of the shore, sunshine warming the skin, light glinting off the water,” said Dossena. “And I wanted to translate these stimulations in ways that would feel immediate, immersive and sensual.”