Invictus & Olympéa Onyx

Rediscover Invictus & Olympéa, more powerful than ever. Their secret? The onyx, the original stone.

A limited Edition, source of absolute power for him, a promise of divine energies for her.

Invictus Onyx Collector

The legendary trophy, the fragrance for divinity, now in a black-metal set. A deep black bottle with marbled silver effects on the goblet. A new version of Invictus, in a mesmerizing dimension. Engraved in a stone that is now part of the legend. 


Olympéa Onyx Collector

The association of an addictive eau de parfum with the power of the Onyx. A divine fragrance that is a priceless reward. This radiant black stone with the hard beauty of metal becomes a carnal perfume showcasing the alchemy of old, with a bottle from another dimension. Femininity with a brilliance between depth and light.


Break down the walls, unleash the power of Onyx.

Click now to destroy the stone and reveal what’s behind Invictus and Olympéa’s power. Participate in the game Invictus & Olympéa Onyx, and try to win your Onyx fragrance set.

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Invictus, the fragrance for heroes

No matter the Invictus fragrance, victory is always in the corner.


Olympea, the fragrance for goddess

Olympea, eternally sensual.