This year we have launched the Paco Fund, a new grant to help emerging young artists in the UK.

Making it as a musician is one of the hardest career paths in art. The planets need to align in almost perfect harmony before a rising talent becomes a household name. But it seems reaching one million streams is the first major leap in doing so. It shows an artist that their melodies and hooks have legs, that their lyrics have resonance, and that maybe, just maybe, it wasn’t all just a pipedream.

Paco Rabanne is a champion of the hard work and hustle that it takes to break through and aims to support young and emerging artists with the launch of the Paco Fund.

Working in collaboration with Vice UK and Noisey, under the title #myfirstmillion the fund will support three young artists with their creative projects and help them reach their next milestone.

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Lex Amor

Lex Amor (@lexysaluteme) Producer, rapper, singer and DJ, hit 1 Million streams and counting with her breakthrough hit ‘Mood’, and says that the number of plays of her track is “mindblowing”.

She will use the grant to buy equipment for her new studio space.

Our second artist is Kojaque

Our second artist is Kojaque (insta: @kojaque), a singer, songwriter and rapper from Dublin who hit a million streams in 2018 with his hit ‘Eviction Notice’.

He will use the fund to create a music video for his upcoming release.

He said “I want to show people that they can do it themselves.”


Ashbeck, (insta: @ashbeckbaby) is a rapper and from North London. When he first released ‘Cooli’ it barely made an impact, but he persevered with the track and included it on a collab album with El Londo – this time the track hit 1M streams on Spotify, and Ashbeck says “Now that I’ve hit one million, I want to hit ten million.” He will be using the fund for either studio equipment or a music video.

You will be able to find out more about these artists and how they made their first million streams in a series of video interviews in June 2021.

This fund will be a new annual moment, and this summer we will be announcing our Paco fund for 2022, follow us at @pacorabanne to stay tuned and find out more.