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Women, take back your power. Olympéa perfume. The absolute icon. The special one. A carnal salty vanilla that will make the man in your life drop to his knees. More info

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The Olympéa fragrance and its olfactory universe

OLYMPÉA by Paco Rabanne. A modern-day goddess, this fruity oriental fresh and powerful fragrance is carried by a skin-loving "salted vanilla" accord. And a fresh sensual duel: a floral impulse with green mandarin, jasmine water and ginger flower.

Salted vanilla with a "skin" effect. A jasmine scent for sensual, exponential, almost wild women. Warmed by ambergris and cashmeran. Fatal.

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CI 14700 (RED 4)
CI 172000 (RED 33)
CI 19140 (YELLOW 5)
CI 60730 (EXT. VIOLET 2)



The absolute icon

What if women took back power?
It is the absolute icon. The one and only. The Olympéa women's eau de parfum. Masterpiece of the gods.
Its fragrance captivates and mesmerises. Trouble in paradise. Paco Rabanne presents Olympéa, a sensual fragrance with notes of sensual salted vanilla, to bow down to. The queen of sex appeal.

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Olympéa, the fragrance for women

Olympéa, Paco Rabanne's iconic fragrance, is a manifesto for women, an ode to their audacity, their charms and their strengths. 

An everyday essential for a captivating and daring woman. 

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Very pleasant and fresh

I’m normally quite fussy with perfumes, and for some reasons had low expectations with this one. However after receiving it I was pleasantly surprised with the freshness but depth of the fragrance. Would recommend


09 Mar 2020

Great smells

I bought this a month ago as a payday treat and I am so glad that I did. Its a really fresh smell that lasts for ages after I have sprayed it. The compliments I have received from strangers is also a good sign that I made a good choice.


16 Jan 2020

Lovely scent

I am a huge fan of paco rabbane fragrances and I’m glad I chose this one. The scent is long lasting and stays present throughout the day. It for a lot of complements and I will definitely be buying this again.


06 Jan 2020


This perfume has a strong, floral scent that lasts all day! It smells lovely, and you only need a small spritz for it to last. I received lots of compliments when wearing it, and it stayed fresh smelling all day. Would recommend if you like strong long-lasting scents.


02 Dec 2019

Amazing scent

Really love the flavour of this perfume, it’s sweet and floral, just the right strength without being overpowering. It lasts well throughout an entire day, I always get complimented on it. Will definitely buy again


05 Nov 2019

Unique Fragrance

When I initially tested the fragrance it wasn’t completely to my liking however as I have worn the fragrance I have found it wears very well as it is soft and unique. I have also found that it lasts throughout the day without being overpowering to begin with.


02 Nov 2019

Nice perfume

This perfume has a lovely fresh scent. The only critique I have is that is does not stay on my skin for a long time, it seems to wear off quickly. But I am aware that this may be different depending on each individuals skin


02 Nov 2019

Longest lasting perfume!

I LOVE this scent! It’s not very floral which I personally prefer, it smells really luxurious and a few sprays really does last all day - ever walked past someone who smells amazing and wondered how they get to smell like that all day? This one will do it for you!!!


01 Nov 2019

Lovely scent for everday

I really liked this purfume because it had a strong scent that would last all day, definitely has a very strong sweet scent, I'd say its perfect for everyday or occasional wear and a little goes along day.


01 Nov 2019

Smells incredible

I bought this as a present for someone and I loved it that much that I purchased one for myself, I cannot really compare it to any other smells as it is quite unique but it’s amazing! I would recommend this perfume to anyone great value for money.


01 Nov 2019

Longlasting fragrance

This perfume is definitely one where the scent lasts for a while rather than disappears straight away. It is a bit of a heavier scent and I found that the main fragrance for me was something like vanilla. I think it is more suitable for autumn and winter than summer


30 Oct 2019


Love love love this perfume. The smell is unique and sweet and blends in with the smell of your skin which still smells delightful at the end of the day. I get a lot of compliments when i wear it which is lovely. Highly recommend.


30 Oct 2019

Subtle fragrance

This is quite an unusual, refreshing scent that is subtle when applied. You can smell the vanilla base scent with some floral overtones that last throughout wear. A little too light for my taste, but if you like a scent that isn't overpowering I would recommend


29 Oct 2019

Lovely floral tones

I use this perfume for during the day and on evenings out. It is subtle yet also strong and long lasting with lovely floral tones. I prefer a sweet smelling perfume and this one is perfect as it isn't too much. I can't wait to buy it again.


29 Oct 2019

Nice but nothing special

This perfume is quite floral and would definitely be more suited to summer. The scent did not last very long ad I did have to reapply. While it was a nice smell it was not very distinct. I wasn't really sure what market this product was aiming for, the packaging did not really distinguish itself as either high end or mass market


29 Oct 2019

Lovely scent,

I love the smell of this perfume, it is a scent that can be used daily and for all occasions. It is not too strong and compliments all activities. I definitely would recommend this scent to friends and buy again.


25 Oct 2019


What a lovely scent. It’s so light and perfect for all occasions. It’s got a lovely aroma of flowers , its not a heavy scent like some perfumes. I put it on before work 12 hours ago and I can still smell it now .


25 Oct 2019

Smells great and lasts

Worn this a few times and really like the smell - it lasts a long time without being over powering. Quite a floral / bit sweet and also v distinctive so I would recommend smelling before buying as not to everyone’s taste.


25 Oct 2019

Great smelling perfume!

I really like this scent, it nice and soft and keeps it’s smell for hours.i often get asked what scent I am wearing when using this perfume. Would recommend to a friend but I don’t want them to smell the same as me!!


25 Oct 2019

Pleasant notes

It was my first time using this perfume and I fell in love with it. Perfect for any occasion, subtle, not too sweet and will last throughout the whole day. Also will make a great gift as it will make any woman happy due to its pleasant notes.


25 Oct 2019

Great smelling perfume!

I have a tried and tested perfume but thought I'd venture out. This is a lovely scent that has good longevity. It's not too overpowering or pungent either, perfect for everyday use or special occasions.


25 Oct 2019

Nice fragrance

I like this perfume it smells sweet but it is a little too strong for me. It did however last all day after I sprayed very early in the morning I still had comments in the evening on what perfume I was wearing. Good quality perfume and good for the price if you like the smell.


25 Oct 2019


I got this this a few weeks ago and it is one of my favourite perfumes. It smells amazing and I always receive compliments when I am wearing this fragrance. The perfume lasts for a very long time. I would definitely purchase again.


25 Oct 2019

Love this scent

I really like this perfume, the scent is not too strong but long lasting. It is pink coloured, the scent is fresh and clean, not too flowery. Perfect for every day wear, and for special occasions too since it is a casual balance between the two.


25 Oct 2019

New favourite!

Bought this after a friend used it on a night out and it smells amazing! Would definitely keep using this over and over again. The smell lasts ages without having to use tonnes of perfume and always getting complimented when I wear it! New favourite perfume!


25 Oct 2019

Nice perfume - sweet

I would only get this if you prefer sweet smells - personally I prefer musky/deeper notes. I have read other peoples reviews and found that they think it does have a slight musky smell. However, my mum really liked the perfume and has now bought the bigger bottle. Apparently she has received a few nice comments on what she is wearing.


25 Oct 2019

Interestingly unusual perfume

At first I wasn't taken by this perfume, I thought it was a bit too sweet, but soon after the scent developed in a more rounder and much more interesting smell. It's a flowery mix, with a hint of vanilla. It gives a feeling of softness, but at the same time it smells very sexy. It doesn't seem to last very long, but it's definitely a perfume I would consider buying for myself, or as a present for my friends.


25 Oct 2019

great smell

Very light scent. Smells lovely at first bit a little sweet for me. Its not my usual choice as I tend not to to be a vanilla smell fan. Sadly doesn't too long, which is surprising as most PR fragrances do


25 Oct 2019

New fave scent

I really enjoyed million by the same company so I thought I'd give this a try. I love it. It's completely different to other smells I have. It's not really girly or floral and it's quite distinct. It leaves a really nice muted scent on my wrist for hours and I can still smell it when going to bed. The packaging is luxurious and a little goes a long way. 100%reccommend.


24 Oct 2019

Great fragrance

I got this a few weeks ago, I am really pleased with purchase, I have been looking for a new perfume. I really like the floral notes, its not too over powering. I would wear this perfume on a daily basis. The fragrance warms up as your skin does, I like way it lasts throughout the day. It very sweet and girly. I would definitely recommend this product.


24 Oct 2019

Lovely smell

This perfume is a delicate smell that everyone would enjoy, of all ages. It leaves a nice smell after you spray and it seems quite elegant. Would recommend for Christmas and birthday presents, great smell and perfume!


23 Oct 2019

Smells lovely

I like the travel size as it fits in my handbag. It’s much more of a going-out than an everyday fragrance for me but thats just me. smells lovely and one is likely but again to add to the collection..


22 Oct 2019

Smells lovely

This perfume has a gorgeous scent which is great to wear any time day. It has a strong distinctive smell which isn’t too floral. I also love it because it’s really long lasting and I’ve had a lot of compliments when wearing it.


22 Oct 2019

Lovely scent

I'm normally not very drawn to fragrances on the sweet side, but this perfume has a beautiful, soft blend that really suits my skin. Feminine, long lasting but not overpowering, I'd recommend for evening wear or cooler seasons anytime. I like the bottle too. It looks lovely on my dresser.


22 Oct 2019

Lovely Fragrance

I tried this fragrance as a sample and I went on to buy the full size fragrance as I loved it so much. I would wear it in the day and in the evening, as it is very versatile and not overpowering. It is a feminine scent and I would recommend to others

Laura B

21 Oct 2019

Beautiful scent

This perfume has a gorgeous scent which is great to wear any time day or night. It has a strong distinctive smell which isn’t too floral. I also love it because it’s really long lasting and I’ve had a lot of compliments when wearing it. I’m definitely going to be buying more as Christmas gifts!


21 Oct 2019

Long lasting

Although this perfume was a little sweet for my personal taste, this perfume was a nice subtle smell. Lasted for a long time and would be nice for a day time scent to last all the day and not too over powering


20 Oct 2019

Too sweet for me

This perfume is quite sweet in scent so a bit too overpowering for me personally but if you like sweet fragrances then it's perfect. It's a nice bottle which is a plus but i also didn't think the scent stayed around too long.


20 Oct 2019

Floral & Fruity

Really lovely smell, very floral and fruity and I think would suit most people. The bottle is a really pretty design. However I didn’t find that the scent lasted very long and I had to reapply it a few hours later.


20 Oct 2019

Very strong perfume

I adore lady millions you I couldn’t wait to try this one out. You only need a very light spray of it as it is very strong. I would say that it is an evening perfume. To be honest I found it quite manly. This is just my opinion.

Love to Review

19 Oct 2019

Beautiful fragrance

Wonderful fragrance really love this. I felt and empowered and ready for the day ahead after using this. I had several comments from colleagues about how beautiful the scent was. It also lasts for so long so I didn't need to reapply. Will definitely purchase again.


19 Oct 2019

Good perfume

Not my favourite fragrance but I find it nice anyway sometimes to wear it. My skin support it nicely as well. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who needs a new fragrance as it's not too strong


18 Oct 2019

Soooooo mesmerizing

Awsome, Smell lasts long. And mesmerising smell. As expected perfect also i would love to buy full bottle for sure on next payday. Tried quiet a few more perfumes this is best amomgst all. One thimg to improve is to make fragrance less sharp


18 Oct 2019

Mature scent

This perfume is a nice, sweet smell but definitely not overpowering or sickly. I would say it’s quite a mature smell, and is quite rich. However, for me, it’s not a day perfume - it has that stereotypical ‘perfume’ quality to it where you can tell it’s not a natural smell.


18 Oct 2019

Beautifully feminine

I absolutely love this perfume. It is so beautifully feminine. I have had tried a few Paco Rabanne perfumes and I think this one might be my favourite. First thing I noticed is that a little bit goes a long way, it really packs a punch which is great! At the same time the notes are delicately balanced and lingers for most of the day. Vanilla seems to be the main note with touches of floral. I was initially unsure about the "salty" element but it works really well with the sweetness of the vanilla. Finally a non sickly vanilla scent! Most importantly, I get compliments all the time with this perfume. I could happily wear this both day and night as well which is a big bonus for me. Definitely going to keep it in my perfume rotation.


18 Oct 2019

A pleasant scent

This perfume has a pleasant scent. It is floral, light and a little sweet and I think it would make a nice gift for a young woman in her teens or twenties. I would say it doesn't have a particularly distinct scent so if you are looking for something unique this isn't for you. But for everyday wear it is great.


18 Oct 2019

Nice smell, can be a bit strong!

I like the smell in general but it can be really strong. Good for lasting all day and the bottle is really nice, would recommend if you like a more mature smell, rather than really sweet but still has a bit of a sweeter sense to it.


18 Oct 2019

Lovely fragrance

Tried this perfume and it’s really nice I’d highly recommend it to my family and friends. It’s creamy vanilla tempered with has ginger lily and jasmine it has an oriental Character but it’s a very wonderful scent


17 Oct 2019

A sweet and fresh fragrance

This fragrance had great lasting power on me - I could smell it hours later! It's a very sweet/floral fragrance which I think best lends itself to a younger wearer. For me the fragrance was just a little too sweet (I'm 31) but I did really like that it's a unique fragrance much like all PR fragrances.


16 Oct 2019

Beautiful scent, very strong

I absolutely love this fragrance, it is sweet and different and very feminine. However what lets it down is how very strong it is. Even with one spray on my wrist it felt overpowering and I needed to rinse it under the tap. I think you'd need to be a fan of strong fragrances to want to wear this every day.


16 Oct 2019

Bold, strong scent

This scent is strong and intense without being overpowering. I love the uniqueness and complexity of the smell, and I even felt like the boldness of the scent complimented my personality which enhanced my confidence. I would definitely wear this on a night out or an event where I want to stand out and feel feminine and confident.

Victoria Marie

16 Oct 2019

Smells gorgeous!

I really love this fragrance! It smells absolutely divine and the other half loves it too. I thought it'd be really sweet smelling but it's very subtle with floral hints. I like to wear it for casual dinners.


16 Oct 2019


Smells really fresh and lovely I wore this for the first time on a night out and had compliments all night also I could still smell it strong in the morning . would definitely recommend you get this to add to your collection if you are a perfume fanatic like me!!


15 Oct 2019

Long lasting scent

This is a lovely delicate perfume, very feminine. The scent lasts all day so no need to reapply during the day, I could still smell it on my skin the next morning when going in the shower. I've received lots of compliments about this scent. I will definitely be buying this again.


15 Oct 2019

Sweet and fresh scent

This fragrance is really fresh and sweet. Unfortunatelly the scent doesn't last really long. After 3-4 hours, I couldn t smell it. I rate it 3 stars as the fragrance is lovely. Very subtle and feminine. I received several compliments too. It is a real shame, it doesn't last long.


15 Oct 2019

Great fresh scent

I've really enjoyed using this perfume - it's a lovely fresh vanilla scent that I feel I can take right through from summer into winter and can easily be worn day to day. I've received lots of compliments for it!


15 Oct 2019

Beautiful scent!

This is a great everyday perfume which feels like a mixture of both a floral and vanilla scent - the combiation is so lovely! It's long lasting from morning to evening - strong without feeling too overpowering. My new go-to perfume.


15 Oct 2019

Love this!

This is such a nice fragrance oh my god! Unlike a lot of other perfumes out there this is for the whole year round. It’s strong enough for you to only spray a couple of times and lasts throughout the whole day. Definitely on my Christmas list this year.


15 Oct 2019

Another great perfume

Wow wow wow... Paco Robanne have done it again! I am astounded with the constant amazing fragrances they are producing ! This one is just as incredible and last all day - HURRAY! I have received many compliments on how I smell when I wear this which is always great. I love it!


15 Oct 2019

Great perfume

Really nice scent with lots of different highlights - even a small amount is bright and refreshing without being overwhelming or overpowering. It is also long-lasting, and barely needed topping up during the day.


14 Oct 2019

Sensual scent

Overall this perfume is leaning towards the sweet but without it being overly sweet. There is some freshness and a quality that makes it smell a bit like suntan lotion (in a good way), a "saltiness" and then definitely vanilla. It's a nighttime perfume but can also been worn during the day. The sweetness isn't overpowering so it can be an any time perfume.


14 Oct 2019


Great everyday perfume which imparts a touch of luxury. It has slightly floral-oriental scent with the salty vanilla giving it a warm feel. Long lasting, easy to wear from morning to evening. Intense and strong without feeling overpowering or cloying. A beautiful scent.


14 Oct 2019

Love this scent

This scent is amazing. I've always been a big fan of the Paco Rabanne perfume range. This did not disappoint at all. Love it. Got so many compliments from everyone. Love to wear this for special occasions.


14 Oct 2019

Very Vanilla

This perfume is very vanilla in every sense of the word. Its smells very generic and actually reminds me of a celebrity endorsed perfume ala Britney or Paris. The vanilla scent gives a very sweet and synthetic scent. This is not a perfume for me


14 Oct 2019

Lovely perfume

I’ve worn this a few times now. It smells amazing. Lasts a long time and really smells of great quality perfume. It matches the description of the scent well and I would definitely wear it again. It has a nice depth of smell which cheaper ones don’t tend to


13 Oct 2019

Great fresh smell

I tried this perfume and absolutely loved it! It is fresh, floral and the smell lasted longer than my usual perfume! The only downside is that I only had a sample :) I would definitely buy this perfume!


13 Oct 2019

Beautiful smell

I have never tried Paco Rabanne but after smelling the sample I had purchase this perfume. It smells so delightful with hints of vanilla which is my favourite and the smell of sandalwood helps compliment the perfume.


13 Oct 2019

Love it!!

I adore this fragrance, but you have to be careful how much you spray as it is very strong so you wouldn't want to overdo it. I prefer this as an evening fragrance rather than day because of how pungent it is. I find it has great lasting power which I like in a fragrance as you don't end up having to spend a fortune on a nice scent that is only going to last a few months before having to re-buy. I'm all about getting more bang for my buck. If you like quite strong fragrances then I suggest giving this one a try.


12 Oct 2019

Beautiful fragrance

I adore this perfume, not too subtle or overpowering. This is one of my favourite go to perfumes. The floral and vanilla scents work beautifully together and make me feel confident that I always smell good. It's long lasting making it very good value. I'd say it's a must have!


12 Oct 2019

Smells pretty

I wore this for a few days before reviewing. I put it on before work and I received a few compliments and people asked what fragrance I was wearing. The smell is very nice and I will be using it as my day time fragrance.


12 Oct 2019


I'm absolutely in love with this smell - it is just sweet enough, but also elegant enough for me. Extremely feminine, but with a hint of sophistication and not too overpowering. Ideal for dinners or nights out in my opinion, although I may be tempted to wear to work some days.


12 Oct 2019


This is my signature perfume, I can never get enough of this perfume. Compared to other perfumes I have never found a perfume that makes me feel strong and confident. The packaging is beautiful, both the box and the bottle itself. The design is somewhat angelic with wings on the box + bottle, with it being named Olympea it is fitting. I also love the touch of rose gold on the bottle being a lover of the recent trend and this is also present on the box packaging. It is a stunning perfume all round and ticks all the boxes, it would also make a lovely gift. I will definitely be repurchasing this little gem once it runs out and cannot wait to see what other fragrances Paco Rabanne will bring out.


11 Oct 2019


This perfume has a nice floral scent. Subtle which some people will really like however I prefer a nice strong scent. But overall a nice perfume and I would buy this as a gift for my friends or family.


11 Oct 2019

Classic smell!

This perfume had an elegant scent which was refreshing and pleasant. The scent was long lasting which was very pleasing. I felt that the scent was more suited to the day rather than the evening. A highly recommended perfume.


11 Oct 2019

Really pleasant feminine scent

I am really impressed with paco rabanne perfume. The scent is really lovely, it’s very feminine and quite sweet and a little bit lasts a long time without being over powering. I would wear this perfume both for everyday or for dressing up in the evening.


11 Oct 2019

Lovely sweet, long lasting smell!

This perfume has a lovely strong vanilla and floral fragrance without being overpowering or sickly, have had it on today for around 9 hours and still getting gentle hints of it. Would do a touch up if wearing for the evening, but definitely think can do day and night!


11 Oct 2019

Nice fragrance

I tried this perfume and really liked the smell. It’s smelt fresh and summery. I really liked it, the only thing is it lasted but not a lot time so would have to re-spray it if I wanted to be able to smell it again.


11 Oct 2019

Not to my taste, but lasts well

Unfortunately the scent is just not my preference, so I passed this on to a friend. However, the fragrance lasts really well, especially on wrists, so would recommend if you are a fan of sweeter perfumes

Ray L

11 Oct 2019

Beautiful & lasts all day

Stunning bottle, beautiful aroma and lasts all day! I usually stick to my trusted favourite brands but decided to try this after having a sample and noticing how long it lasted. Would highly recommend!


11 Oct 2019

Beautiful perfume

It is a great perfume, a bit similar to Chanel one that I use. It is not too strong or very flowery..its a perfect balance. It did stay for a long time which was great plus. I would definitely recommend it.


11 Oct 2019

Lovely fresh scent that lingers

This perfume is lovely. It's a strong floral (but not over powering) scent that is fresh and lingers on your skin for long time. I only use a little spritz of this perfume and it lasts the whole day. Perfect for everyday use.


11 Oct 2019

Lovely fruity smell

I would absolutely buy this perfume, it smelt fresh, fruity and very girly. I wear it everyday and have had a few compliments on it too - I think it’s also a reasonable price for the brand that it is.


11 Oct 2019


I am so incredibly impressed with this scent, it’s great. It’s a little sweet yet very sophisticated. It lasts a very long time and does not fade away as the day goes on. I highly recommend giving it a go if you are looking for something special to wear even for everyday use.


11 Oct 2019

Fantastic smell

Great smell. Smells sweet, fragrance lasts long as well. Very feminine, get loads of compliments can’t stop smelling my wrist. Great bottle with a nice colour to it as well. Will be buying a bigger bottle !


11 Oct 2019


This perfume smells really nice. It’s quite fresh and you’ll be able to smell it for a good couple of hours after spraying. It’s got lots of fruity and florally tones. It’s a nice everyday scent, the sort of perfume you’d just wear to work so I think it would appeal to the masses. The only thing I’d say negative is that it doesn’t really stand out from the crowd and smells very similar to lots of others on the market.


11 Oct 2019

Floral Fresh

Big fan of this perfume. Very fresh and feminine fragrance. Last for a very a long time and I have been complimented by numerous people by this scent. I have always been a big fan of Paco Rabanne and this is another fragrance I can add to my yes list. I will certainly recommend this to my sisters as I think they would love this too.


11 Oct 2019

Light and delicate

This is a beautiful fragrance - light and delicate. The packaging is stunning and will look great on any girls dressing table. I like the previous Paco Rabanne fragrances and this does not disappoint!


10 Oct 2019

Feminine and fabulous

This fragrance smells great from the minute you apply until you undress, I can smell it on my clothes it really lasts all day. A soft sexy oriental fragrance which smells feminine but not too soft. I would definitely purchase again.


09 Oct 2019

Sweet and delicious

Love this fragrance - if you like sweet perfumes, this is the one for you. The bottle is beautiful and looks so pretty on my dressing table. I love this scent, the fragrance lasts on the skin and works throughout the day.


08 Oct 2019

Beautiful light everyday fragrance

This is a beautiful and light everyday fragrance. The floral noted are perfect for any season and make me feel girly and fresh. I love it so much I will be purchasing the full size bottle for myself ASAP.


08 Oct 2019

Beautiful scent

I really loved wearing this perfume and was delighted to receive a couple of compliments from my colleagues! It's a very fresh and floral scent - and very inoffensive (which I think is important in a perfume!)


08 Oct 2019

I've found the perfect scent!

I've been on the hunt for a while for a sweet vanilla-like perfume that I don't find sickly. I think I have found it with this perfume! As soon as I smelt it I loved it, it's quite sweet but not overpowering and the scent lasted a good amount of time. It reminds me of the smell of baking cookies on a winter morning, which I don't think I've found in a perfume before!


08 Oct 2019




Olympéa. Goddess of modern times, A fresh, powerful amber scent, carried by a "salty vanilla" harmony that adores skin. And a fresh-carnal duel: floral impulse with green tangerine, water jasmine and ginger flower. "Skin" effect of salted vanilla. A sensual, exponential, almost animal fragrance for women. Heated by ambergris and Kashmiri wood. Fatal.