Invictus Eau de Toilette Intensity


Invictus eau de toilette for men. The scent of victory. Fierce freshness and animal sensuality. Heroic woody-fresh. More info

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The Invictus eau de toilette and its olfactory universe

Invictus, the heroic woody fresh men's fragrance.
Two forces: biting freshness and wild heat. Which one will reign supreme?
A citrus sea breeze and Guaiac wood collide. Vibrant and muscular in equal measure. Everyone wins.

The Invictus men's fragrance is an olfactory collision with two forces going head-to-head:
- Biting freshness: marine accord, grapefruit peel, bay leaf.
- Warm, wild breath: Guaiac wood, ambergris accord, labdanum resin.

Biting freshness and magnetic heat.
A heroic woody fresh fragrance

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The Invictus fragrance, the scent of a new masculinity

The Invictus eau de toilette, a trophy for our heroes. A strong glass cup with a triumphantly shiny top. Design: Cédric Ragot. Main features: athletic, robust yet simple. Makes you strong and courageous.

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The iconic eau de toilette for men

This men's fragrance by Paco Rabanne will sweep you up in its addictive freshness. 

Sparkling notes of grapefruit invigorate the composition whilst the ambergris and Guaiac wood accord leaves a powerful, woody and free imprint on the skin. 

A radically fresh scent for a man who is ready to face every challenge. 

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After a month of using it quite often, it is quite a light and fresh fragrance, really appreciable and not the one everyone has, I haven’t been bored of it to be honest, I could only recommend it for present or for yourself !


25 Jun 2020

A Great Everyday Scent

I really liked this Eau De Toilette. It has a really great scent which has an almost citrus edge to it. It last for ages and I can still smell it on myself at the end of a long day. It is not over powering and has a subtle scent that lasts and lasts. Overall really good. I use this both as an everyday scent, and as something nicer when I go for a night out.


22 Apr 2020

Decent fragrance

Been using this for the last week or so and it is a fairly good fragrance.The scent is nice and the bottle looks great out of the box. The main problem with it is that the scent seems to be pretty weak and fades after an hour or so, therefore I feel the need to be topping it up regularly.


11 Dec 2019

Long lasting and smells great

I wore this fragrance daily for a week until the sample ran out and every day I wore it the smell was great and lasted so long, even received compliments from coworkers! It's a great daily fragrance that every man should use!


04 Dec 2019

Not a fan

I am not a fan of this fragrance, it's too heavy for a day to day fragrance but not strong enough for an evening one. I was unable to smell the scent within a hour of applying the fragrance, which is a real shame.


18 Nov 2019

The Baby Paco Rabanne

This aftershave breaks the mold of the other Paco Rabanne aftershaves which can be a little too citrusy. This one is a lot lighter, its crisp and very long lasting. You could definitely wear this one to work or for a night out.


07 Nov 2019


I really love this fragrance, is going well for special occasions and informal, is very masculine smell, and long duration I used for a party and Some friends gave me really nice compliments about the perfume that I was wearing


30 Oct 2019

Great smell

Very lovely smelling product. I am always very sceptical about trying new scents however this one did not disappoint. It smells great and it lasts for a decent amount of time, would definitely recommend.


29 Oct 2019

Makes every occasion special

I got this perfume a month ago and I was amazed by its warm cozy scent. It makes every occasion special. It's perfect to wear for a night out or a celebration. Can't believe I haven't been using it before.


27 Oct 2019

Love it.

Great perfume. Lasts for ages. Not too strong but enough for someone to notice in close proximity. Sweet smell. Highly recommended for anyone looking for daily use. The bottles have a great design. Looks like a little trophy. Ideal for a sporting man. Really stands out.


26 Oct 2019

Greatness in a bottle!

I have an overwhelming appreciation for my Invictus. I merely enjoy just how cool the bottle is. When i first started wearing it, some time ago, I began to get an array of complements especially in the evenings when I go out. But, unfortunately, I hadn’t been wearing it for a couple of years due to it running out and me not finding the opportunity to buy another. However, Invictus and I was recently reunited recently. Yes, I bought it, finally, as I missed the smell, and of course I missed the the plethora of compliments. Invictus has a sweet but masculine scent and is strong so you wont have to worry, it will definitely last you all day. Honestly, a couple of sprays will last you all day. I would definitely recommend this to any man who want’s to establish sophistication.


25 Oct 2019

Great perfume

I have been using this perfume for a while and I cannot stop enjoying it. It had a very pleasant aroma that has been complemented a few times. It is great for any social ocasion, I use it regularly to work.


25 Oct 2019

Must have scent

I think out of the all the scents I have smelt over the last few years, this is by far my favourite. It smells amazing and everyone that has smelt it on me has asked what it is. Ladies love it and men want it. Definitely one that will be on my Christmas list


25 Oct 2019

Daily aftershave

Light fresh smell that lasts a good amount of time. I use this as a daily aftershave rather than a night out type aftershave but that's just personal preference. I find you don't need much as it's quite a strong smell despite it being light and fresh. Always gets the "you smell nice" comments at work which must mean it's a good one!


25 Oct 2019


I really like this fragrance is quite sweet but perfect to wear all day for work or for play. Fragrance lasts quite a well on my skin and many people have commented how good I smell. Would definately get again.


24 Oct 2019

Nice but not my favourite

This is a good fragrance, but I would associate it more with a teenager wearing it than an adult man. I do like the bottle though and that would maybe convince me to buy it! Maybe as a gift...? I'd consider recommending to younger friends !


24 Oct 2019

Good scent, lasts all day

I have really enjoyed switching to the invictus EDT. The smell is quite sweet but it is not over powering. The best part of that the scent tends to last all day. People have commented on the scent after wearing it for over 8 hours without any application. I personally wear this generally on a day to day basis, but it also would work as a fragrance for special occasions.


24 Oct 2019

Fantastic Product

This fragrance is stunning and gets me so many compliments. (I own many, including niche and expensive designer fragrances) This fragrance is fresh yet has nice complexities, longevity wise I easily get 8 hours of this stuff projecting around. This fragrance I would say is also very versatile both season wise and occasion wise. You could wear this in summer, in the fall. All year round basically. The fragrance shines for when you are going out during the day or evening, it has a good energy too it. I have received so many direct and indirect compliments whilst wearing this fragrance. As soon as girls have gotten close to me while wearing Invictus they have told me on too many occasions to count that I smell amazing. Seen some 10/10 reactions for this stuff from women. All I can say is you will not regret purchasing this fragrance. Will always be one of my favourites.


22 Oct 2019

Smells great and lasts long

Using this perfume for the first time i expected it to smell like its counterpart the 1 million. i was actually surprised, the smell was more musky and masculine. it smells great and enjoy using this. Personally i would use this for occasions rather than every day use


22 Oct 2019

High Quality Fragrance

As I always find with Paco Rabanne the longevity of the smell is always extremely long lasting. This product is no exception and the fragrance is powerful as well. This is a great follow on from Invictus and would recommend anyone to try this.


22 Oct 2019

Great fragrance

Love this fragrance and use as my day to day. Fresh scent with a manly strong feel. The bottle also makes me feel like a champion! Winning at life when I put this on. The only fragrance for me nowadays.


22 Oct 2019

Love it.

Love this fragrance. Possibly best suited for evening wear however you could use this in the day time but perhaps use less. Very fragrant and I’ve already had lots of compliments. Definitely use again.


21 Oct 2019

Great Fragrance

This aftershave has a fantastic fragrance of fresh and natural scents with Pine, Sandalwood and Vetiver. Definitely a must have on every man's dressing cupboard. Would recommend to all as an every day fragrance.


21 Oct 2019

Smells nice enough

Invictus does not stand out from the crowd and if I'm honest the scent isn't memorable. It smells nice enough but not original. Whilst I'd happily spray it on before an evening out on the town, it would not be my first choice. A little too woody. There is a hint of grapefruit there which you can just about make out and this is good however I wish it was a little bit lighter and more fresh.

Phil O

20 Oct 2019

Great aroma

Paco Rabanne - INVICTUS EDT has a really nice long lasting aroma to it. I use different what some may deem as expensive eau de toilettes by invictus certainly compares in both aroma and longevity to all of those. Great smell that lasts a good length of time, nice one Paco Rabanne.

Tom W

20 Oct 2019

Paco Rebane Invictus EDT

I got this for a present, I don’t think I would have picked this myself if I had. Just because I’m a creature of habit with my aftershave instead of trying anything new. But I was very happy with its longevity for a toilette aftershave. The smell itself was subtle yet sophisticated. I am very impressed with this and I might have to try some more from this company


20 Oct 2019

Best smelling aftershave

Best smelling aftershave I have ever had, and I’ve had a few. More compliments on this aftershave than any other I have ever used. Perfect aftershave to wear in the evening. I have already recommended this to everyone I know.


20 Oct 2019

good fragrance

I have been a fan of paco rabanne fragrances for a number of years now and this one has lived up to the reputation. I think it's perfectly paired with a suit for work and keeps a long lasting impression.


20 Oct 2019

Nice if you like a fruity scent

Got this a week ago and I must say it’s a little too fruity for my liking. Strong smell of grapefruit and patchouli. Most definitely a summer smell. Other than that, quite a non-offensive scent which is fairly versatile.


20 Oct 2019

Compliments from strangers

This is one of those aftershaves that people come up to me and compliment me on what I’m wearing and ask me about it. It seems to last all day and is very distinctive. Comes in a very distinctive bottle and is prices really well.


19 Oct 2019

Good smell

It's masculine without being overly florally. If you like fresh fragrances you will like this too. Love the light fresh smell...would've given 5 stars but I like more summery/ citrusy kind of perfume .


19 Oct 2019

Great scent

I really enjoy the smell of this and wear it everyday. It's not overpowering and only takes a couple of sprays. It is also doesn't cause any skin irritation like some others I have used. I would recommend to anyone.


19 Oct 2019

Great Smell

This is a great smelling product that I have worn in a daily basis. It is not over powering, it’s fragrance is suitable for everyday office wear or for big nights out. It is the final touch to any outfit.


19 Oct 2019

Perfect smell

I bought this just over a couple of weeks ago, it is a professional, addictive smell which I would wear on both day and evening occasions. I would recommend any male to purchase this fragrance. The smell lasts for a long period of time as well !!!

Ollie 92

19 Oct 2019

Ohh Grt

Should not say less than wowwww. Smells amazing as exected. Good thing it lasts long approx 8 hours. Must to get compliment from partner or friends. Must buy atleast o ce you wont regret. Never miss it


19 Oct 2019

Powerful fragrance

A really full, fruity powerful fragrance. Sweet summer fruits. Light notes of wood. Quite a potent smell,almost perfume like. You know its on and lasts well into the day. It's a fragrance I would like before a night out, it will get noticed.


19 Oct 2019

Smells amazing

Love this, really masculine fragrance which lasted all day. My friends were asking what I was wearing that day and couldn't wait to go and buy their own bottles. Suitable for everyday wear and perfect for the office


19 Oct 2019

Beautiful scent that lasts

The first thing that caught my attention about the scent is how fresh it is. It is slightly fruity yet very aromatic. I used it initially for an event but then quickly started using it daily even for work. The scent lasts and doesn't fade which means you don't have to use much whatsoever. A great product that I would genuinely recommend for any guy, and for any occasion.


18 Oct 2019


One of my favourites. Smells amazing, the bottle looks amazing. This is now my go-to. Not too overpowering and great for any occasion. This will be a repeat purchase of mine going forward and one I definitely recommend.


18 Oct 2019

Big fan!

Received this a few weeks ago and was very surprised to how nice this product smells. Big fan of one million and thought nothing would beat it however this blows it out of the water. One disadvantage is that the smell doesn't hold very well and will need reapplying to smell amazing


18 Oct 2019

Sophisticated scent

The word Invictus incites glory, victory and power, although this scent is fresh and fruity


18 Oct 2019

Lovely scent

Got this recently as a change from my regular cologne, and enjoyed the change. Good scent, and received lots of compliments on it! Not too overpowering, worn it a few times and seems to last well through the day. Would recommend.


18 Oct 2019

Good aftershave

For me this is an everyday type of aftershave - nothing too special and I won’t get too many compliments, but it smells good and makes me feel good. The sort of smell lll buy again when it comes on offer , or would love to receive as a gift


17 Oct 2019

Smells like Glory, Victory and Triumph

I must say I really do like a good aftershave but I'm very picky, I never want to go somewhere and someone else has the same scent as me. Invictus has now become a scent I really do like, I’ve had several compliments from the wife, so it’s definitely a keeper

Captain Louis

16 Oct 2019

Love the aftershave

After 2 days using the perfume I can say that I love it. It is fresh and really upfits my mood when I wear it. Longevity is like 6 hours or so. Suitable for cool venues but also office work. It screams for attention from the people you are around


16 Oct 2019

Average smelling and not long lasting

I’m usually a fan of paco rabanne Eau de toilettes but this one falls way off the mark unfortunately. Doesn’t last too long if I spray before work and smells a bit too fruity for my liking. Wouldn’t recommend


16 Oct 2019

Nice aftershave

You can definitely smell the grapefruit hint in this and it provides quite a fresh smell. There's also scents of wood and jasmine giving an overall nice smell that's not overpowering and well balanced. Only downside is the advert!


15 Oct 2019

Invincible hero!

Woody and fresh, this perfume will make you feel powerful and strong. It’s for the man that wants to feel secure, like an invincible hero. It slightly reminds me of the sea which it makes it really fresh. I would wear it every time I need a boost of confidence!


15 Oct 2019

Didn’t suit my skin

As much as I loved the smell of this product, unfortunately it did not suit my skin. I have very sensitive skin and this product made my skin flare up. Causing a rash and itchiness. which is a shame, as I was hoping it would be ok, due to the lovely scent of the product.


15 Oct 2019

Strong and sweet

It's got a strong and sweet aroma that lasts a longer than eight hours. The smell is invigorating and relaxing at the same time. Good to use both during the day and night as well. Definitely recommended.


15 Oct 2019

Invictus EDT

My long time favourite, been in love with this perfume since the first time a shop attendant introduced it to me, and since then it has been love all through! Great for meetings, evenings literally it stands out anywhere.


15 Oct 2019

Amazing cologne

This is a great cologne that smells very strong and sweet. Few sprays lasts for so long that you don’t have to worry about the cologne running out soon. Really great to use for night out. I also love the design of the bottle which is so unique and makes it something to have as a collection


15 Oct 2019

Great for a special occasion

I have regular bought Paco Rabanne before and this was certainly what I was looking for. The product has a strong but cultured fragrance and certainly works well in more of a formal setting. It also has a lasting smell which is great when wearing it in long lasting events! I would definitely recommend to anyone


15 Oct 2019

Great smell, long lasting!

The Paco Rabanne Invictus aftershave smells great and lasts throughout the day. In my opinion the smell is quite strong but very fresh and is great value for money. I would definitely recommend this to be friends!


14 Oct 2019

Great fresh smelling fragrance

I have been using this fragrance for a few weeks and still am suprised by the freshness of the fragrance everytime I put it on. I'd say that this fragrance coudl be worn daily, however I like to save it for special occasions because I know I will get compliments on how I smell whenever I wear it. I will be using this fragrance alot in the future for sure!


14 Oct 2019

Great smell. Perfect for classy night

Great scent for this Invictus after shave. You do not need much sprayed on for the refreshing smell to last all night. I fully recommend this Paco Rabanne product, you will not get disappointed and will smell good


14 Oct 2019


Smells refreshing, manly and so sweet. It last for ages after just a few sprays, would wear for a special occasion such as wedding because it’s brings in compliments every time I wear it. Would 100% recommend


14 Oct 2019

Really nice new scent

I was actually pleasantly surprised by this fragrance. It settles in nicely and lasts a good 8-10 hours, a lot longer than a Tom Ford one I have. What I found is that you could wear this fragrance on any occasion, casually as you're meeting friends of on a night out / dinner etc. I've had a few compliments each time i've worn it too which is a good sign


14 Oct 2019

An amazing scent.

This product quite simply smells Amazing. It’s clean, crisp and long lasting scent keeps you smelling amazing all day. The application even post shaving is painless, no sting. The scent itself comes in vibrant woods, ambery-wood, violet wood and ambergris accord. Quite simply an great men’s aftershave.


14 Oct 2019

subtle but powerful

I have been using the Invictus EDT for the past week or two and I am really impressed the scent is light and subtle but its powerful enough to stay with you all day. its a great every day scent and I have to say the the bottle itself looks great on the side


14 Oct 2019

A classic

A great aftershave, a lot of men use it and it’s a classic. Smell doesn’t last very long could last longer to preserve the bottle. Very expensive compared to other high end staple brands. I would use but possibly not buy for myself.


14 Oct 2019

Like being a teenager again

This aftershave is for teenagers. It smells like the clubs used to back in the day mixed with B.O. this is not a bit of me and I wouldn’t buy it again. I’m much more into proper smells that don’t take me back to the unwashed teenage years.

Jay dog

14 Oct 2019

Great smell

struggled to find a new aftershave as i wanted a change and then i came across this. This has a nice smell and would recommend to anyone who wants to smell nice and will be getting this more often in the future.


14 Oct 2019

What a fragrance!

Wow. I love his product. I have had a few invictus products before, and I must say this is the best one. This is an all rounder for me. You can wear it for casual days, work days and event days. It’s a brilliant scent that everyone I’ve met loved!


14 Oct 2019

Fresh smell

This aftershave is one of my favourites. It can be worn casually or professionally and gives off a nice fresh fragrance that isn't over powering. Recommended for anyone that wears aftershave for any occasion.


14 Oct 2019

Great scent

I love smelling good so having a scent that other people positively comment on is great. It’s pretty long lasting as when I get home my other half can still smell it on me. Which is great as I don’t have to buy more.


14 Oct 2019

Great aftershave

Have just tried this aftershave for the first time and I love it. It has a distinctive and unique smell which isn't overpowering but it lasts a long time. You don't have to use very much of it either as it goes a long way. Will definitely keep using it.


14 Oct 2019

Nice fragrance, gentle and sweet

I like this Paco Rabanne fragrance as it is gentle and sweet in its odour. I tend to wear it on all occasions whether I am off to work or going out for dinner with friends. I think it would make a nice gift for an anniversary.


14 Oct 2019

Manly scent

I really liked this fragrance. It has a nice smell and my wife seemed to like it too - which is a bonus. It keeps its smell for the day which is a very good thing. I am pleased with this product and will probably but again.


13 Oct 2019

Great find

This is a great fragrance to wear for any occasion. I like to wear it for work but would be great for a night out also or special occasion. When I wear it I always get asked what I’m wearing and it turns heads. This now features in my go to fragrances and glad to have found it.


13 Oct 2019

Smells Lovely

Not too overpowered perfume smell, very suttle compared to my usual ones. Its great for all occasion certainly for going out and smelling great! I definitely will buy it again its my go to perfume now for!

Kieran L

13 Oct 2019

Unreal new scent!

After a couple of weeks of using this I think it’s a fantastic smell and brand of cologne. I think it’s got a really fresh smell and one that is very different from the others I own. I definitely recommend getting this from Paco Rabanne like all there fragrances this is amazing!

Jack Barrtt

13 Oct 2019

Light sporty fragrance

Have had this spray for a week or so. Has a really nice light fragrance. I think works best as a daytime smell due to lightness / freshness, which might not be to all tastes but is zesty enough without being too sickly. Multiple applications do not alter the smell so again would work well for daytime or travel scent for holidays etc.


13 Oct 2019

Great Cologne

It smells like I've been dipped in an ocean of musky goodness. Like what I imagine would be the old but pleasant scent of a 1950s speak easy. The woody undertones make this cologne smell more grounded and the freshness of the marine scents really lift it to make it a well balanced smell. I would recommend for any guy.


12 Oct 2019

Refreshing smell

This product smells great and really refreshing! I plan to make this my every day smell as it is very pleasant and not too overpowering. I really recommend this product to everyone. I will be buying again.


12 Oct 2019

Nice smell but not for me

This aftershave has a really fresh smell to it with woody back notes, but it’s not the aftershave for me. Bottle is a little childish and seems to more aimed at the younger shopper, buying their first bottle.


12 Oct 2019

Great fragrance

This is a great fragrance, for me quite fruity but very masculine and I have had great comments from others around me. It’s Seems fresher and a little different to what I usually wear. It’s unmistakably Paco Rabanne


12 Oct 2019

Loved it

I used this product for nights out and it had me feeling like the man! I need to buy more as it gave me a feeling which other products do not give me! It’s a must For anyone! Stayed on in the rain and had me fresh whatever the London weather


12 Oct 2019

Beautiful smelling fragrance

Paco Robanne is my go-to aftershave manufacturer and I’ve always got it at the top of my Christmas list, the new Invictus edition is a wonderful fragrance, ideal for using in the day at work or out on a night out when you’re in your gladrags. It’s long lasting and you still smell fresh with one spray hours and hours later. Thoroughly recommended.

Big boy

12 Oct 2019

Sexy fragrance

This is a great smelling cologne. My partner loves it


12 Oct 2019

Smells lush

Qas ezited to try tgis one!! And its good nice and bold scent that last all night! All night partying and still smelling as fresh as when i left! Will be putting this on my christmass list to santa...


11 Oct 2019

Great scent

Having worn this aftershave a few times now it really does suit any situation. It is just as at home on a night out to wearing everyday at work. It keeps you smelling fresh for hours with its subtle scents. It got comments wherever I went. A tiny criticism is that some people may find it a slightly feminine scent. Although I love it and will continue wearing it.


11 Oct 2019

Its ok, but not really for me

I love Paco Rabanne, but INVICTUS EDT isn't one for me. The scent is ok, its very modern, but there is a sharpness to it that I really don't like. There isn't much depth to the scent, so you mainly just get the musk come through and not much else. In fact I think it is quite boring. When it comes to fragrances, I know it is a really person thing for a lot of people, but I would certainly say this scent is more for the younger guys, maybe mid 20's. One plus about the scent is it does last all day, and I have had a couple of compliments about it, so others like it, I just don't really like it myself.


10 Oct 2019

Great smelling product!

I got this aftershave a little while ago, its pricier than I would usually go for but the quality is brilliant, the smell is lovely and lasts all day, longer than the cheaper products last for sure. I'm not expert on the smell- but its really nice! I use this product now for nights out and big occasions and have had nice comments on it, would recommend!


10 Oct 2019

Strong statement

At first spray the fragrance is strong and green smelling which I wasn’t a great fan of. However this quickly relaxed into a warm, comforting, addictive scent. For an EDT it is very long lasting, but I have grown to expect this from Paco Rabanne, who I have been a fan of since I was young. It is not for people who like a more understated fragrance. It is a perfect everyday scent for young adults, especially good for winter.


10 Oct 2019

Smells Amazing!

Great Fragrance, Smells Amazing, it is long lasting smell .


10 Oct 2019

Long lasting smell

I have used for a couple of days and this is an incredibly fresh smelling aftershave. I have had many compliments and will be buying again. I have tried the other ranges and I would say this one is my favourite by far! Partner also loves it and it lasts for a good 5 hours.


09 Oct 2019

Long lasting fragrance

This fragrance has a fresh, pleasant smell with nice complexities. Excellent longevity with just a few squirts lasting all day. I have received lots of compliments since using it. Good allrounder for summer and winter.


09 Oct 2019

Smells good- similar to other paco scents.

Had this product for a few days now. There’s no doubting that Paco rabanne products smell good, they all smell pretty similar to each other though. Invictus smells slightly different and probably one of their best scents though. Good for a night out or an out and about occasion. I can’t really fault it as it lasts a while and also leaves a lasting scent when you leave a room! All in all, I would recommend and would get again.


09 Oct 2019

A pleasant surprise

I haven't purchased anything in this brand for many years but have been impressed with the new Invictus aftershave, it has hints of the classic Paco Rabanne with a modern fresh take. Highly recommended for impressing on a night out or even for every day use.


08 Oct 2019

Lovely smell

Tried to figure out how the cap and ended up accidentally spraying some on my face. Tantalising!On the other hand, Fantastic product, fantastic delivery service! This smells absolutely amazing. Would definitely recommend buying!


08 Oct 2019

Great Smell and Long lasting

Bought this product about a month ago. I saw it on T.V advert and thought I would give it a try as I have had Paco Robanne products before and this does not disappoint. Long lasting smell highly recommended.


07 Oct 2019

Always gets attention

I’ve been wearing this fragrance a few days now, and it never fails to get some attention. Masculine, light and fresh and a huge fan of the amazingly shaped bottle. My new fave and throwing out all the other bottles of cologne!


07 Oct 2019


This fragrance is fresh yet has nice complexities, longevity wise I easily get 8 hours of smell out of it. This fragrance I would say is also very versatile both season wise and occasion wise. I’ve had multiple compliments since wearing it and will be buying another bottle once I have used it up.


07 Oct 2019




A heroic woody-fresh fragrance where the vibrant meets the muscular. Invictus perfume embodies two forces that collide: biting freshness and animal sensuality. The sea winds dominate. Grapefruit bursts. The virile woods prevail and ignite. The scent of magnetic patchouli, sensual guaiac wood and ambergris. Double victory!