1 Million Lucky Eau de Toilette Intensity


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The platinum experience

After the frenzy of gold, the platinum experience... Captivating materials and pure flamboyance for the cult of the gold bar. Cut in glass and platinum. New metal. Pure, vibrant, intense. With gold, always! Golden touch. Coveted object of a lucky boy. A new obsession. Capture luck.

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Life is a game!

Capture your dreams and invent your life. Life is a game!
Seeking pure sensations. Without limits.
Bring luck. Without waiting.

1 Million Lucky perfume dares the extremes.
Wood palpitating on a hazelnut addiction. A shot of tart plum.
A woody, fruity gourmand and addictive fragrance. A fragrance for a man on the scene. Makes the senses vibrate.

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Fantastic scent

Lasted a full day on me which is very unusual. Great scent but not too strong. Definitely smell the vanilla in there. Masculine but feminine at the same time. Will absolutely be buying a bottle very soon.


24 Mar 2020

Great smell and long lasting

Great product. The fragrance is fresh smelling and the smell isn’t over powering like some other leading aftershave brands. The smell/scent lasts all throughout the day. Many people paid me compliments when wearing this aftershave.


07 Oct 2019

Not the best smell

I used this and really did not like the smell, it was too strong for me and not something that I would buy for a male member of the family or friendship group. Although I can appreciate that this may be for someone who likes a stronger perfumex


10 Sep 2019

Incredible smell!

Absolutely did not realise before how good this smelt, now an absolute convert and will be buying more of this in the future. Best thing is that even a small application will mean that the smell will stay for several hours after, which is unlike many other similar products on the market nowadays.


22 Aug 2019

Great product

Smells great. a light and almost a sweet scent, i find 2 or 3 sprays around the body is enough. This is something which i could use on an occasion regularly and will get noticed. the lightness, although good because its not overwhelming can get covered around strong smells and doesnt tend to last all day like the one million i currently use. overall i would give this a thumbs up and can see myself using this for a long time


07 Aug 2019

Smells amazing

I have the original Paco robanne one million and was dubious about lucky as I thought it wouldn't smell as nice. However I was wrong, it smells amazing, so fresh and sexy my fiance loves it on me. I think I will revert to buying lucky as well as the original from now on. The scent lasts all day even after a full day at work.


04 Aug 2019

Woody and nice

This scent has a lovely woody smell to it, perfect for the upcoming autumn. It has a long lasting scent without being overpowering and I had so many people compliment me on the smell and ask what it was.


04 Aug 2019


This perfume has a great fregrance not to strong for a mens perfume. It smells good and it last so much longer on your clothes than i would of expected. Had so many goof compliments from family and friends about what perfume i had on.


02 Aug 2019


So happy of this product, I recommend it to the people who are familiar to the brand Really good quality lasting, even without wearing large amounts, it lasts from begining to the end of the day. Thank you


02 Aug 2019

Great smell!

I wasn't a big fan of this brand! However, when I tried this product I started to change my mind. It's has a fresh smell, fruity, and you can wear it either for a night out or a walk in the park. Still, for me personally, it is a little bit too sweet, but overall, it has great nuances!

Alex V

02 Aug 2019

Paco Rabanne classy, clean and crisp as always

The strong, signature smell of paco robanne was there as expected. While I couldnt strike any real innovation from the product, it does exactly what we would expect and want. Giving me confidence when going out on the town.


02 Aug 2019

Great evening scent

Love the unique fragrance. Fresh with a degree of sanctification about it. I feel it works best for a dressed up evening over a day out scent. 2 - 3 sprays will still be noticeable in 1-2 hours without being over powering. Overall I really enjoy it


02 Aug 2019

Great fragrance

I have been using Paco Rabanne 1Million Lucky for e few weeks now. I found the fragrance to be quite sweet which is perfect for the summer but also has a musky tone to it which balances it out. I found it lasted a long time, great for a special occasion too!


01 Aug 2019

Lovely fragrance

I got this as a small review sample and am happy to say it smells delightful. It's one of those hard to explain smells but when you sniff it, it's lovely. Definitely going to buy some for nights out on the town.


01 Aug 2019

Nice fresh aftershave

This fragrance is nice and fresh and would be best worn on an evening for an evening out. However it didn't last long on my skin and I found myself having to reapply. It would be great if it lasted longer.


01 Aug 2019

Not the best not the worst

I bought this product a few weeks back to be the one I wear out on the town. I do really like the smell actually, I think it lasts long enough and generally smells quite nice. I have received a few compliments as well. The only thing that puts me off is that the brand in general has a very teenagery tag and it reminds me of going clubbing as an 18 year old...


01 Aug 2019

Great for date night

Girlfriend bought this as a present for my birthday and I love it. Always overlooked this brand but it does smell really good and the girlfriend also enjoys it. I would say it’s quite a strong fragrance, not sure everyone would like it as an everyday wear as it is a bit overpowering, but definitely a good frangrence for a special night. Lots of fruity powerful smells come through. The bottle design is also really enticing. Would recommend.


31 Jul 2019

Great scent. Woody but with a lovely twist.

I bought this one month ago and I’m so happy overall with the perfume. It is similar to the original One Million by Paco Rabanne, but with a twist that makes it more citrus and not as recognised as the original one. I have received plenty of compliments and I love how long it lasts. I wear it everyday and since I put it on in the mornings until I get home in the evenings I can still feel it. Much recommended if you like One million but with some different notes.


31 Jul 2019

Classic Paco Fragrance

If you've ever tried any of the Paco Rabanne 1 MILLION fragrances, this one is pretty similar. The fragrance is quite sweet - it smells a little like hazelnut and plums but then there are some notes of musk. I think the scent is perfect for summer. I do like that the smell is strong and lasts all day. Would definitely recommend!


30 Jul 2019

I love this!

I've been using this Paco Rabanne 1 Million Lucky aftershave recently and have been complemented on the smell. It's sweet and summery and very floral, perfect for the current climate. My clothes were still smelling of it a day later and I think the smell is better when it reacts with your own natural scent. Perfect for a gift but I'll keep it just for me.


30 Jul 2019

Greqt fragrance

Thought i would give this a sample and am pleased i did. Its a very subtle fragrance with slightly exotic notes to it but very pleasing to both me and my other half which is the most important thing. Taken one rating mark away from it due to the fact i do not find it a very long lasting fragrance and has to be re applied, meaning you need quite a lot of it and with a small bottle this means it is soon all gone.

Matt f

29 Jul 2019

Great scent

I bought this a few weeks ago and used it several times and so far I love the scent. I generally use it when I am on a night out or on a date. It is quite pricey so it’s probably best for special occasions


29 Jul 2019

Great Development

This product is a great development of the 1 million brand by Paco Rabanne. 1 Million Lucky has a strong fragrance and lasts all day and provides a shuttle variation to the original. Would definitely reccomend to anyone who loves the brand.


27 Jul 2019

Get Noticed

This aftershave is definitely for someone who wants to get noticed. It's long lasting and you can definitely smell the hazelnut. Theres a hint of citrus and it smells a bit like cocoa butter. You will get compliments.


27 Jul 2019

Summery scent

This fragrance is versatile and can be worn throughout the day or night. It is a slightly sweeter smell than the original 1 Million, but this is perfect for the summer months. I would definitely buy this again before buying the original.


26 Jul 2019

Nice smelling aftershave which lasts

I've worn the Paco Rabanne 1 Million Lucky EDT for the last week or so and I have to say I am pleasantly surprised. I'm not a huge Paco Rabanne fan but this aftershave is much more subtle. It smells great and lasts well throughout the day.


26 Jul 2019

Fruity/Nutty fragrance

I tried the Million Lucky sampler and while I did like the smell, I was left a bit underwhelmed with the lack of duration the fragrance had. The smell is a mix between nuts and fruit which is a nice combo.


26 Jul 2019

Not a pleasant smell and not worth a million...

This perfume is really not easy to wear and feels a lot too heavy. It smells too strong and not very masculine. I really did not appreciated it and felt like I was wearing a loud and heavy and not fresh at all.


25 Jul 2019

Great smell

I got this last month and it smells fantastic and last for hours it is something you must look at getting for putting in your aftershave collection for the special occasions would recommend it to any of my friends


25 Jul 2019

Very unique great sweet smell for cold days

The smell of 1 MILLION LUCKY is pretty sweet but still very unique. This is sweet so i prefer it to wear it on cold days rather then warmer days because gets too sweet during warm days and that could be annoying. The smell of plum is very prominent at start and then later Hazelnut and grapefruit notes kicks in and does last 6-9 hours which make it a good workwear but more suited towards youthful maturity than for someone in their 40ties. I would't hestsitate picking up 100ml once this one have finished.


25 Jul 2019

Fresh smell

Satisfied with the smell. Rather a fresh one as opposed to some perfumes that have the bad tendency to offer super sweet flavour that kind of take over aggressively all smells and does not offer the subtle smell it should. Happy with it.


24 Jul 2019

Fresh smell

This is product that I've purchased in the past. Its fresh smelling and can be worn anytime in a professional or social environment. I highly recommend this product and I will definitely be purchasing again!


24 Jul 2019

Summery scent

This fragrance is versatile and can be worn throughout the day or night. It is a slightly sweeter smell than the original 1 Million, but this is perfect for the summer months. I would definitely buy this again before buying the original. Only downfall is that I was told I would be receiving a 50ml bottle, however I actually received a 1.5ml - not quite the same!


24 Jul 2019

Smells good - small sample

Despite expecting to receive a full 50ml samples, as opposed to a 5ml tester pack, the scent to 1 MILLION LUCKY EDT is quite nice - it's got a depth that does last most of the day which can't be said for many other fragrances. Would have liked to have tested and seen the bottle spray it would actually be bought in!


24 Jul 2019

Fruity Smell

always on the look out for some nice smelly and found this one it has a fruity smell which is diffrent to what I have tried before, it was fairly long lasting but I found its not one I can wear everyday


24 Jul 2019

Not great

The fragrance smells a tad ‘cheap’ and didn’t last very long through the day, so longevity with the product was an issue. not something I would recommend to anyone to purchase due to price and quality.


24 Jul 2019

Smells great!

Friends recommended to me, the great value and scent in 1 Million. I’m happy I went ahead and bought this fragrance because this will definitely be a repeat buy of mine. It smells high-end and looks great on the shelf at home.


24 Jul 2019


Really fresh and enticing fragrance. It strikes a fine balance between a musky manly scent with keeping you smelling fresh and modern. A great all rounder for both day and night. I’ll be making this my staple.


24 Jul 2019

Nice fragance

Sweet and strong. To me I get fruit loops cereal. That being said I do like it. A predominant amber and hazelnut fragrance. Just not sure it’s for me. I already have Muglers Ultra Zest which is similar. A try before you buy due to the over the top strength and sweetness. Enjoy!


24 Jul 2019

Fine, older version was better

Overall the smell of this aftershave was good, but it lacked strength and lasting effect. The previous version did both those things much better. However if you prefer a lighter aftershave then I recommend trying this product out.


24 Jul 2019

Smells great

The smell of this is very masculine. Not my usual type but I have been converted. My wife was keen and asked what I was wearing. I have recommended this product to friends already and will buy again when I run out.


24 Jul 2019

Meh, hope you like it.

Tries so hard to look and sound expensive but really feels and smells rather cheap. I know scents are totally subjective so you might not feel this way. The bottle looks like a toy from the Fort Knox souvenir shop.


24 Jul 2019

Lovely fragrance

I received this product a couple of weeks ago and have used it a few times. It's got a really nice manly fragrance, very similar in smell to the standard one million but better in my opinion. Would definitely recommend I think it smells amazing!


23 Jul 2019

Sweet and strong

Smells quite sweet and strong, reminds me of a sweetie shop. Would be quite good in the autumn time. Probably would like it more if I was a teenager. Reminds me of some lynx body spray can be overpowering if used too much.


23 Jul 2019

Classic Paco Robane Fragrance

Paco Robane have always been my go-to for fragrance, and 1 Million has always been my favourite - so when I saw this Lucky edition I just had to try it. It still has that great smell, just the right level of fruity without being too much, and it does last a while which is something that always makes it stand out above the other brands. Also it goes down well with the ladies!


23 Jul 2019

Great lasting fragrance

I got this 1 million lucky a month ago the fragrance is really nice and long lasting it don’t fade away after a few hours it stays nice and fresh so don’t need to keep reapplying though out the day. I would recommend to friends and family.


22 Jul 2019

1 Million Lucky

You want to be a Show stopper? Want heads to turn round when you walk by? This is the perfume for you, I kept getting questioned what was the name of the make when I walked by, I think every man should have 1 million in their collection. It’s worth the money you pay for it, stay classy gents


22 Jul 2019

Great smell, perfect for special events!

I was intrigued about the 'Hazelnut' part of the new '1 Million Lucky' Paco Rabanne fragrance. It just works for me as the smell is very comforting an I feel refreshed when wearing it. A great new product from Paco Rabanne. Love the bottle design


22 Jul 2019

Love this brand!

I have wanted to try this product for a while. The fragrance is very much the same as the original with a few woodier notes from what I could smell.It seems to last longer as well, put this on in the morning and people were still able to smell this in the evening!


22 Jul 2019

Great scent!

Overall, I would say this is a great smelling scent, not too strong which is what I prefer. Only possible criticism was that it didn't seem to last too long throughout the entire day, but would still recommend for the scent alone!


22 Jul 2019

Amazing scent

I received this scent and have used it on a few occasions and have received good comments from friends and loved ones. I certainly will be looking into getting more of this for the future as I like the scent alot it's not too over powering like some can be and just sits there's as a pleasant placement on any environment


22 Jul 2019

Smells great

Love this aftershave smells really fresh after trying small sample I'll definitely be buying a full bottle smells fantastic. This is the kind of aftershave that turns heads when you walk past and people catch a smell excellent


22 Jul 2019

Really much so i bought it!

I consider myself knowledgeable when it comes to frangraces and i do like my expensive ones too. What is even funnier here is that i really dislike PR One Million however this 'lucky' version is completely different. The fragrance is charming and but projects and is versatile to work in both day and night scenarios.


21 Jul 2019

Simply amazing

An absolutely amazing fragrance, totally turns heads, it's already on my xmas list for more.although I dont think it will even last that long. It seems every one recognises and love the smell and it start conversation so great ice breaker and I swear I got served faster at the bar. Give it a go you will not be disappointed.


21 Jul 2019

Too feminine

I would say its feminine fragrance, my wife loves it a lot, and also I love it on her, but not on me, a little feminine, some where reminds me La Vie Est Belle and Byredo Pulp, probably great scent but for cooler period of time, not for summer. Longevity is also not long, I would say 3- 4 hours. Honey, plum, ceddar, hazelnut. A plum is robust, that's why probably dont like it in summer. But anyway the smell is solid. I feel this smell is unisex, and even better for women. I will not buy this for myself, but have to point out women do like this a lot.


21 Jul 2019

Really nice aftershave

1 million lucky smells absolutely gorgeous and is an aftershave that I will be looking at purchasing. This is one product that I will definitely be recommending to my family and friends as it is such a nice smelling aftershave


20 Jul 2019

A solid perfume

This product has a very distinctive smell, that many now recognise. It lasts for many hours and the smell develops over time, creating a complex smell. Although this would no be my daily cologne it makes a great perfume for an special occasion.


20 Jul 2019

A sweet and fruity scent for the cooler weather

Tried this out for a couple weeks, and have had fairly positive reactions. The scent is pleasant and sweet/fruity without being too over powerful or feminine. I would have liked to try this for longer as I feel like this may be a product to use on the odd occasion rather than as a daily scent. Longevity isn't too bad and could still smell this on my clothes at the end of the day.


20 Jul 2019

Good fragrance

Smells great,I get a lot of compliments,smell lasts all day.Sweet!More spicy with a hint of musk but not enough to balance it out.Smells AMAZING! Would recommend this to anyone who is looking to gift this to their friends/family.


20 Jul 2019

Great scent

The paco rabbane 1 million lucky fragrance smells absolutely great. It has fast become one of my favourites. Its a strong scent but not overpowering and It’s long lasting. It’s perfect for everyday wear and I highly recommend it.


19 Jul 2019

Smells good but I think the original last longer

This is really nice and smells quite a bit stronger than the original one million. However I have to say I don’t find the scent lasts as long so I end up spraying more than I usually would. It comes in a nice style bottle and well packaged


19 Jul 2019

1 million

Wow smells amazing. Definitely 1 in a million. Ideal for a lads nights or evenings away with friends and family. Will definitely pull on a lads night out with this. Definitely worth investing in the perfume.


19 Jul 2019

Smells so good

1 million Lucky edition. Smells so good. Isn't overpowering and lasts well. Had lots of compliments about the smell and people asking what scent it is. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to find a new scent


19 Jul 2019

Smells great

Really like this fragrance. It’s more luxurious than the previous 1 million but still refreshing. Would recommend using as an evening spray however you could easily use it during the daytime although limit the amount used! Definitely will use this again


19 Jul 2019

Paco Rabanne does it again!

This is only the 2nd Rabanne fragrance that I have used, and its clearly of the same awesome high quality as the other I used. It smells great, and I really put it to the test by wearing it to the gym and sweating out, and by the end of it, I could still smell it. Really pleased with it, and will certainly pay more attention to Rabanne products in the future


19 Jul 2019

Smells really nice, not long enough though

The smell is really nice and fresh very good for summer nights out. Altough I am used to parfumes this is eau de toilette so it doesnt last as much as I am used to with other parfumes, but as I sad that might be only because it is not a parfume. I suggest o get the parfume version.


18 Jul 2019

Nice scent

Great fragrance! I found I only had to spray a little bit and it smelt very strong. It did wear off throughout my day but not enough that I felt I had to spray more! It’s a good strong masculine scent that I really like


18 Jul 2019

Prefer this over original

I actually prefer this over the original one million perfume. This has more of a fresh smell to it rather then the original which has a strong smell to it. The original is one of my favourites but this might be taking over the original on my list!!


18 Jul 2019

Unreal smell

Absolutely love this fragrance. It’s in my opinion the most distinguishable and best smell I have bought recently. I have this small 50ml one which is perfect for taking on carry on luggage while flying and also great for a smaller weekend bag. Definitely recommend.

Jack Barrtt

18 Jul 2019

Very sweet

I gave this fragrance 3 stars as it's just too sweet smelling for my personal taste, very fruity with the side note of hazelnut once it's been dry a few hours. I wouldnt wear this in summertime as its overpowering,more of an autumn winter fragrance. Could be different for others so please try a sample to see how you fair . The scent lasted well on me, maybe 8hours.


18 Jul 2019

Smells really good

1 Million Lucky EDT smells really good, I've had many people compliment how nice I smell. My girlfriend loves it as well. It's smell is long lasting I could still smell it on me the day after I'd sprayed it on.


18 Jul 2019

Not the best

Got this a few weeks back and it has not realy grown on me the partner loves it but its overly sweet smelling for me and a little to strong the orriginal one million is a million rtimes better in my oppinion


18 Jul 2019

Great aftershave for all occasions

Paco Robanne aftershaves are known for being great for all occasions - high quality, well considered fragrances for the modern gentleman. The 1 Million Lucky Edition is exactly that. I can wear it to work, our with friends, on a romantic date - anywhere! It always gets noticed and people are always asking what fragrance I’m wearing. Definitely recommended.

Big boy

18 Jul 2019

Smells lovely

This fragrance smells lovely. It's not really in your face but very subtle. The smell lasts all day so no need to reapply at points and over all will make it last longer getting better value for money.


18 Jul 2019

Very Sweet

I wasn't a huge fan of this eau de toilette, mostly for it's very sweet, flowery scent. Although it might be right for you. Also the smell doesn't hang around for long, after half an hour it seemed to have faded. Overall I wouldn't buy it, but that's just me.


18 Jul 2019

The best paco rabanne

I have try different brands but this is the best it stay in your skink and clothes for more than 24 hours received some many complements that smells delicious and recommends to all my family and friends to buy it


17 Jul 2019

Incredible smell

I was very excited to receive this product as I had heard a lot of good things about it. When I recieved the sample I was not disappointed! The smell was amazing and my wife enjoyed the smell of this as much as I did. I like the woody and fragrance smells of this and I have got my friends to try this too. I will be buying a big bottle of this for myself.


17 Jul 2019

A rather nice variant to the classic one million

i used to wear 1 million( first edition) and it was quite the punsh , with 1 MILLION LUCKY the same impression from the first spray, strogn hazlenut flavor with some ozonice note to it, at a time its a bit citusy, can last quite long and the smell is definitely the one that make people pop the question ( what are your wearing), i dont see myself wearing it for work though, but for a nice breezy summer night i would pick this one


17 Jul 2019


This smells sooooo good! Have asked my wife to buy me some as a birthday present. The smell is really long lasting and I have had people come to me asking what I’m wearing!! Can’t rate it highly enough!


17 Jul 2019

My wife loves it!

Very unique sweet scent with the wood background coming through in the background. Almost seems like it shouldn't work as well as it does but both me and my wife can't get enough. Lasts for a long period so you don't need to go crazy with it. Highly recommended!


17 Jul 2019

Fantastic fragrance!

Wanted to try the new funky bottle and WHOA - I am loving this fragrance SICK. Fantastically fresh and refreshing in the middle of a U.K. summer without being overly sweet or cloying. A welcome change from the usual and did I mention FUNKY bottle?


17 Jul 2019

Smells great!

Got this after knowing of a lot of family and friends that have the original paco Rabanne fragrance. I can’t speak for the original but the scent of this one is just wonderful, very sweet but also a very manly musk. The scent also lasts for ages, a few squirts in the morning and I can still smell it an the afternoon! Would definitely recommend and I can now see why so many of my family and friends go for the Paca Rabanne fragrances when they make them smell so good!


17 Jul 2019

Really nice smell

Paco Rabanne aren't usually one of my favourite aftershaves, but this one left a really nice long lasting aroma around me. At first application I can be a bit over powering but the after scent leaves it just strong enough.


17 Jul 2019

Strong recognisable smell!

Strong, instantly recognisable smell that draws compliments every time I wear it. This is perfect for a night out and the fragrance stays strong all night! Definitely would recommend for someone who is after a strong masculine smell for a special occasion or a night out!


17 Jul 2019

Amazing fragrance

First impressions im getting a wood like smell and hazelnut it smells amazing ive had a few people ask what the aftershave is. I definitely want some more great quality and a very strong fragrance the ladies love it.


17 Jul 2019

Great smell

Received comments on this the first time I wore it. Just a good as the previous 1million range. Light and fruit and just perfect for summer. Smells lasts all day with only a few sprays so will be great value for money.


17 Jul 2019

Great smelling product

Product is beautifully fragrant, it isn’t too overpowering however can be smelt on you quite nicely. Only criticism I would have of the product is that the fragrance seems to die off relatively quickly compared to some of its competitors. Other than that, its a lovely product.


17 Jul 2019

Smells Amazing!

Got This To Try, it smells amazing it is long lasting, suitable for all skin types, will definitely be looking to buy in the future, recommend to any wanting a strong fragrance. RATE THIS 10/10 NICE SMELL


17 Jul 2019

Great smell and lasts all day

This is the second paco rabanne aftershave I have bought and it doesn’t disappoint! Really good smelling products and don’t need to spray a lot onto yourself. Also this will last all day. Great value for money and highly recommended!


17 Jul 2019

Great smelling aftershave

Another classic fragrance from Paco Rabanne! This is a great smelling fragrance and would instantly recommend to anyone to buy. Fragrance is not to powerful, but last for a long time. Great summer fragrance, but also for use at all occasions. Really love this product.

Joey G

17 Jul 2019

Love it!

This is a very good fragrance. My favourite fragrance is the Paco Rabanne 1 million. This is a close second. It has a light fruity odour and isn’t very strong. I would definitely purchase this again as i love it!


17 Jul 2019

Great Scent

I bought this product for a change to my usual scent, I was really pleased that I did, really nice scent highly recommend this product and will be buying again. Had some nice comments on nice I smelt.


17 Jul 2019


This is by far one of my favourite fragrance and have already look to buy it. Very nice smell and be great for any gents recommend this to anyone. I would be happy to receive this as gift any day so great one for gift idea.


17 Jul 2019

Smells amazing!!

I love this fragrance, it has a lovely woody smell and I would definitely say it is unisex. It is very long lasting considering it is an eau de toilette. After receiving compliments all day while wearing it, I decided to treat myself for my Birthday.


17 Jul 2019

love this fragrance 1 million lucky

love this fragrance 1 million lucky, the scent is pure luxury. it is more than smelling clean the cedar scent just makes you feel special. it makes you feel your wearing a luxurious fragrance. you have the base that is present all the time but you also get waves of the top notes that just remind you that your wearing that special touch. it would have been great if the scent lasted longer if your wearing it as a all day fragrance. but to go out in the evening this is the perfect fragrance for the special occassion. ive worn this to go to a concert with friends and it gave me confidence and earnt positive comments on the great scent from friends, i highly recommend this scent


17 Jul 2019


1 Million Lucky


One Million Lucky eau de toilette for men. A woody fragrance, a game of sensations around addictive hazelnut. To taste. Followed by a fresh, juicy pulse: a shot of tart, green plum. Citrus that fuses. Ultimate vibration: ultra-vibrant wood. Tension from cedar. A sensual fragrance with powerful notes of patchouli and amber wood. One Million Lucky: an addictive fragrance, an exhilarating experience!