Invictus Legend

Essence de Parfum


Burning desert, wild convoy, the ultimate challenge. A duel in the sun between fresh adrenaline and a tornado of warm wood. A fragrant scent of victory. Invictus Legend. More info


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Olfactory universe

Burning woody-spice.
Calibrated for victory.
Tornado of wood and red amber.
Fresh metal, burning desert.

A duel between two forces:
- Fresh adrenaline: geranium metal, burning laurel, salty grapefruit.
- Warm-powerful woods: guaiac wood, red amber, mead accord.

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Invictus - Legend - Ma

Duel in the sun between fresh adrenaline and a tornado of warm wood. A hero forges his legend.

Invictus Legend - Model Male - Paco Rabanne

Invictus legend, absolute hero, calibrated for glory

At the frontiers of time, a new territory. Immense. And a challenge. Ultimate. Burning desert, wild convoy. Engines roar. Ambushes, counterattacks, acceleration. Invictus triumphs with a backhand. And takes the glory.
Invictus legend. A duel in the sun, two forces present. Fresh adrenaline on a warm woody tornado. A fiery, powerful eau de parfum. A fragrance for men as exhilarating as victory.


Invictus Legend


Invictus Legend. Absolute hero. Calibrated for glory. A woody-spicy scent of ardent intensity. Two forces: fresh adrenaline and warm, powerful woods. The atmosphere warms up. Geranium metal, green laurel, salty grapefruit. An all-contrast freshness that catches fire with spices. Burning breath in return. Guaiac with smoky accents, red amber, addictive honey. On all fronts, an exhilarating effect. A sensual fragrance for men. And hard-hitting.