How to refill your bottle

1. Unscrew the cap & pull it. Then the pump.

2. Screw the refill on to the bottle neck.
The refill wil stop automatically.

3. Unscrew the refill while holding it by its cap.
Screw back the pump to the max and screw back the cap.

4. Spray to lock & you're ready to go!

An infinitely refillable bottle

Thanks to its refillable 150 ml size, never throw away your Phantom bottle again: preserve it and refill it.

Its innovative and easy-to-use refill allows you to refill your 150 ml Eau de Toilette in seconds.

Discover Phantom

An eco-friendly gesture

Reduce your environmental impact by preserving and refilling your 150 ml bottle.

-63% plastic*

-47% glass*

* Use of a Phantom Eau de Toilette 150 ml + 3 Phantom refills 200 ml, compared to 5 bottles of Phantom Eau de Toilette 150 ml.

Phantom : More than a bottle, our first connected fragrance

Phantom is your thrilling ally, to keep by your side and collect.
A game-changing design made with chrome, metal and black. Vibrant. Festive. From outer space.
More than a bottle, Phantom is our first connected fragrance.
Tap your phone on your bottle, connect to Phantom Universe and meet your new wingman!