A twist on the original. The newest, most audacious parfum by Paco Rabanne.

Be unique. Be 1 Million

The new 1 Million Parfum bottle is more than just a bottle. It is an homage to Paco Rabanne's longstanding love affair with metal crafted into a minimal silhouette inspired by a bar of gold.

To mark the launch of this new fragrance a decadent sun motif is etched into the ingot’s facade, designed with the glamour and splendor that is synonymous with 1 Million Parfum.

An ode to the perfume that lies inside, the new 1 Million Parfum bottle is unique. It is always memorable, always collectible.


Solar hour

A beautiful and masculine floral leather scent that captivates and conquers, 1 Million Parfum is sun-drenched and hot to the touch. It’s solar-baked leather juxtaposed with tuberose floral and an edge of salt-infused decadence. It will intrigue, beguile and seduce you with its warm amber edge.

It’s excessive and addictive. It dares to be too much.


Be 1 Million like Joey Bada$$