A glittery pink diamond

Are you looking for a way to be noticed?

If so, this deliciously bold, feminine scent is perfect.

Like a gorgeous pink diamond reflecting glamour in all directions, the Lady Million Empire perfume Collector's Edition is sure to cause a sensation.

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A diamond that dares everything

And knows how to impose. Women first ... Extravagance of the rose that reigns over an empire. Look at me!

Gold adds to it. Million Girl ... On the glass, a gradation affirmed. From the most crystalline to the most nocturnal. High gloss. Ultra-feminine.

An assumed insolence.

Lady Million Empire classic & collector

Olfactory universe

This floral-cyprus perfume contrasts a multi-faceted bouquet with the intoxicating aromas of fruit, cognac and wood.

Sparkling magnolia-crystal petals for freshness, carnal orange blossom with leather-apricot notes.

Brilliant indolence ... then the opulence emerges.

Patchouli fragrance with white-liquor musk inflexions. Confit Mirabelle, infused with Gold Cognac. A golden insolence.

Highly addictive.

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Londone Myers, our Lady Million egerie

All roads lead to the catwalk... Before becoming a model, Londone walked straight into forensics studies in Washington, DC.

She was scouted in a mall, and one thing led to another. She has walked for top designers and participated in several campaigns with Julien Dossena.

Londone is still fascinated by medicine, robotics, and she likes to paint and dance.

Headed for great things with a great head on her shoulders.