Invictus & Olympéa

together, they forge a legend.

Here are two extraordinary beings.
Invictus, high level hero, Olympéa, super-goddess.
She’s a woman who counts. His hobby is winning.
More thank anything, these two dream of action and a challenge they can share.

Burning desert heat and a hostile terrain, Invictus & Olympéa walk across the sand into a new land. Alone against them all.


A new trophy for a new victory.

At the frontier of time, a new land. Burning desert heat, motors roar in convoy.
Ambush, counter-attack, acceleration. Invictus triumphs effortlessly and speeds towards glory.

INVICTUS LEGEND, fresh adrenaline rides a whirlwind of hot woods. A fragrance for men with power. Thrilling like victory.

Paco Rabanne


The ultimate victory for a conquering goddess.

Olympéa appears. A conquering goddess, savoring her win. Proud and victorious.
OLYMPÉA LEGEND. A desert-flower on hot sand with an addictive salty-vanilla plum.
A duel under the invincible sun.

Paco Rabanne