The Apparition: A short film by Paco Rabanne

PACO RABANNE presents THE APPARITION, a short film written and directed by Raphaël Gianelli-Meriano. Debuting alongside the arrival of the Fall 20 19 collections, the film introduces a new medium of artistic expression to  the Paco Rabanne universe.

As a contemporary echo of the French New Wave movement, Gianelli-Meriano captures a powerful aura between four dynamic girls: Nora Attal, Nilaya Bal, Fishbach and Christa Theret. Leaving Paris for the Château de Millemont in the French countryside, they spend a weekend channeling mystic forces and discovering a togetherness that transcends time. Throughout the two-minute film, as well as in the shorter extracts, the feeling is one of inner and outer self, where imagination and reality coalesce.

“Apparition: The action of coming into being, to manifest one’s presence, to become visible.”

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