A Golden Couple

Decadent duo 1 MILLION & Lady MILLION live for the chase of glittering gold. Their lust for adrenalin-fuelled adventure knows no bounds.

  • Lady MILLION

    Dazzling – or rather, sparkling – and uncompromisingly feminine, Lady MILLION lives and breathes decadence and glamour.


    Bad boy charm and irresistible good looks, 1 MILLION is a gentleman through and through. In pursuit of his wildest fantasies, nothing stands in his way.

Objects of Desire

Adventure-loving couple 1 MILLION & Lady MILLION will do whatever it takes to win the object of their desire: for her, the glittering diamond; for him, the iconic gold ingot.

In the Spotlight

More daring than ever, the MILLION couple skillfully dodge the spotlight... catch them if you can!