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Victory belongs to ju-jitsu expert Ricardo from Brazil who will use the prize money to pursue his personal project.
Rediscover all the candidates of Season 1 now, and come back soon for Season 2!
Jiujitsu Instructor
Water-Polo Player
Extrem Marathon Runner
Field Hockey Player
Dragon Boat Racer
Professional Swimmer
Football Player
Years old
Water-Polo Player
His project
He wants to help finance rebuilding the local swimming pool in his home village in Italy.
Years old
Professional Swimmer
His project
He wants to organise training camps for kids to raise funds for his favourite charity "Un maillot pour la vie".
Years old
Extrem Marathon Runner
His project
He aims to break the World Record for the fastest 7 marathons on 7 Continents. The funds raised will be donated to the charity "Joining Jack".
Years old
Dragon Boat Racer
His project
His goal is to donate his winnings to his club to help them get ahead..
Years old
Football Player
His project
His vision is to help finance improved field and facilities for his club, Argentina’s poorest.
Years old
Jiujitsu Instructor
His project
His aim is to share his passion for the sport with others by building a jiujitsu school in Milan.
Years old
Field Hockey Player
His project
His hope is to create a field hockey league for mentally disabled kids in Spain.
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The company PUIG France, a simplified joint stock company with a capital of €10,000,000, registered with the Trade and Companies Registry of Nanterre under number 682 030 507, whose head office is at 65-67 avenue des Champs-Elysées 75008 Paris (hereinafter the "Organising Company"), is organising on 19 August, 2013 (5pm) to 20 October 2013 (11:59pm) a free contest with no purchase necessary based on prize draws entitled "PACORABANNE – INVICTUS AWARD 2013 – Season 1" (hereinafter "the Contest") as described in these rules and regulations.
Any date and/or time mentioned in these rules and regulations refer to Paris time in mainland France. The date and time of entrants connections recorded by the IT systems of the Organising Company and/or its technical service providers are proof thereof.
The Contest and its promotion are not managed or sponsored by the publisher of the website "YouTube". The Organising Company therefore discharges YouTube of all responsibility concerning the elements of the Contest, its organisation and its promotion.


Participation in the Contest implies the acceptance without reservation by the Entrant of the current rules and regulations as well as the basic principle of the Contest. Anyone violating one or more of the Articles of these rules and regulations shall be deprived of the opportunity to participate in the Contest and also of any potential prizes.


Participation in this Contest is open to any physical person residing in Austria, Bangladesh, Belarus, Belgium, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Denmark, Djibouti, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Guam, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Israel (Palestine), Italy, Ivory Coast, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Kuwait, Latvia, Lebanon, Libya, Macedonia, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Morocco, Moldova, The Netherlands, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Norway, Oman, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Romania, United Kingdom, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Tajikistan, Taiwan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay, Venezuela, Vietnam and Yemen, having reached the age of legal majority in their country of residence and aged over 18 years on 19 August 2013, with access to the Internet, and excluding employees of the Organising Company of the Contest or companies of the PUIG group or anyone having direct or indirect participation in the design, production or management of the Contest as well as any members of their immediate family.
The contestants specified above, who are eligible for prizes from the Contest, will hereinafter be referred to as "The Entrants". An Entrant is any person presenting the same surname, the same first name, the same email address and the same postal address.
It is specified that the person is identified by surname, first name, date of birth, postal address, country of residence and email address as stated by the person as well as the password selected upon registration at according to the terms specified in the procedures mentioned in Article 4 of these rules and regulations. The Organising Company reserves the right to conduct any verification for the application of these rules and regulations.
One application per person (same name and/or address and/or same email address and /or same telephone number) is authorised throughout the entire duration of the Contest. It is expressly forbidden for any contestant to play under different identities and/or different email addresses and/or different Facebook accounts. In case of multiple entries from the same household, the Entrant will be excluded from the Contest.
It is up to Entrants residing in a country other than France to ensure, before participating in the Contest, that these rules and regulations and participation in the Contest are not contrary in whole or in part to any law on public order in force in their country of residence, particularly with regard to participation in the draws. Any resident of a country other than France participating in the Contest acknowledges verification of compliance with all these rules and regulations and formalities which are specific to their country of residence.
Any entrant trying to intervene in the Contest's IT system in any way will be excluded from the Contest.
Any registration which is incomplete or contains incorrect information will be considered null and void. The status of winner is subject to the validity of the contestant’s participation. Any false declaration of identity and/or address or incomplete information will invalidate the winner's participation and result in his/her elimination.
All participation takes place online only. Any other participation, including by email, is excluded.
The Entrant undertakes to comply without reservation with the laws, regulations, rules of practice and ethics in force and to pay particular attention to compliance with the rules protecting the interests of third parties, public order and morality.
To this effect, the Entrant agrees not to disseminate any content of a provocative, vulgar, pornographic, violent, discriminatory, racist or homophobic nature or which promotes tobacco, alcohol or drugs, hate, discrimination or the commission of any such offence, through the Contest. Similarly, the Entrant agrees not to promote the Contest, especially through sponsorship, to any other person under the age of 18 who has not reached the legal age of majority in his/her country of residence on 4 December 2012.


The Contest is composed of two phases: a voting phase followed by draws. The Contest allows the Entrant to register in 9 different draws. It is accessible 24 hours a day online:
• At the INVICTUS website: “”
How do you register? Entry into the draws is open from 19 August 2013 at 5pm (Paris time) on 20 October 2013 at 11:59pm.
To participate in the draws on, Entrants must create an Invictus account.
An account can be created in two ways: • Via Facebook Connect • Via email address - Entrants must click on "Register" and then follow the following procedure o Fill in the registration form by completing the mandatory fields: – "Title" – "Surname" – "First name" – "Date of birth" – "Email address" – "Password" – "Country" o Tick the box "I accept the rules and regulations and the general terms and conditions" o Click "Sign up now".
When the registration is finalised, an opt-in newsletter is also offered.
Once the Entrants have correctly followed the above procedure, they will receive an email to confirm their participation in the Contest to the email address provided during registration. • Entrants must also click on the link in the email to validate their registration and be eligible for the Contest.
Any inaccurate or incomplete information shall not be taken into account and will most likely lead to the invalidation of participation. Registrations with inaccurate or fictional contact details, those which do not comply with the provisions set out in these rules and regulations, and those sent after the Contest has closed will not be considered.
How do you vote?
Users can vote both on the Youtube Invictus Award page and on the site The vote is made without connection.
Users are entitled to one vote per day and per platform for all champions. Users can choose a different champion from one day to the next. Votes are definitive and cannot be cancelled. Once a vote is cast, the voting buttons become greyed out for the day (from midnight until 11.59pm). If the user tries to vote again, an error message will be displayed stating that he/she has already voted that day. The champions accumulate their votes throughout the Contest; the champion with the most votes wins the Contest.
How do you participate in the draw?
Each week, a new draw is offered after voting on the website
Draw no. 1: Participation between 19/08/2013 (5pm) and 25/08/2013 (11:59pm)
Draw no. 2: Participation between 26/08/2013 (5pm) and 01/09/2013 (11:59pm)
Draw no. 3: Participation between 02/09/2013 (5pm) and 08/09/2013 (11:59pm)
Draw no. 4: Participation between 09/09/2013 (5pm) and 15/09/2013 (11:59pm)
Draw no. 5: Participation between 16/09/2013 (5pm) and 22/09/2013 (11:59pm)
Draw no. 6: Participation between 23/09/2013 (5pm) and 29/09/2013 (11:59pm)
Draw no. 7: Participation between 30/09/2013 (5pm) and 06/10/2013 (11:59pm)
Draw no. 8: Participation between 07/10/2013 (5pm) and 13/10/2013 (11:59pm)
Draw no. 9: Participation between 14/10/2013 (5pm) and 20/10/2013 (11:59pm)
To play, Entrants must follow the procedure below:
• Click "Play" on the vote confirmation message • Identify yourself – Via Facebook Connect – Via your email and password • Click "Connection"
A welcome screen appears to confirm participation in the draw.
For draws no. 1 to no. 8, the more the Entrants vote and follow the procedure described above, the greater their chances of winning in the relevant draw.
• In the file used during the draw, the line of each Entrant will be duplicated as many times as he/she votes, then his/her luck will be tried in the draw. o One Entrant can have up to 7 chances to win if he/she votes on every one of the 7 days of the relevant draw.
For draw no. 9, the same rules apply as for draws no. 1 to no. 8, but with one small difference: all the votes from all previous draws will be used in the file for this final draw. • Entrants who vote and try their luck every day will have 63 chances to win this draw. • It is essential to vote and then try one's luck at least once to be able to participate in draw no. 9. The Entrant will then increase his/her chance of winning in draw no. 9 based on the number of registrations for the preceding draws already carried out.


The draws will be carried out by Mr Didier RICHARD, Officer of Justice, SCP NADJAR & Associés – 164, avenue Charles de Gaulle – 92200 NEUILLY SUR SEINE within a period of 3 weeks from the end of the relevant week of the draw number.
By express agreement with the Entrants, the Organising Company and the Operators, the computer systems and files of the Organising Company and the Operators are authoritative unless proven otherwise. The dates and hours recorded are those supplied by the Operators IT system. They cannot be contested by the Entrants.
For each draw, just one prize will be allocated per winner (same name, same email address, same Facebook account and same IP address). The winners authorise the Organising Society to proceed with all verifications concerning their identity and their residence.
For draws no. 1 to no. 8 : 20 winners
For draw no. 9 : 1 winner
No Entrant can be selected unless he/she respects the conditions of these rules and regulations.


Prizes from the draws
Draw no. 1: • 20 bottles of INVICTUS Eau de Toilette 100 ml – Prize worth €72 Draw no. 2: • 20 bottles of INVICTUS Eau de Toilette 100 ml – Prize worth €72 Draw no. 3: • 20 bottles of INVICTUS Eau de Toilette 100 ml – Prize worth €72 Draw no. 4: • 20 bottles of INVICTUS Eau de Toilette 100 ml – Prize worth €72 Draw no. 5: • 20 bottles of INVICTUS Eau de Toilette 100 ml – Prize worth €72 Draw no. 6: • 20 bottles of INVICTUS Eau de Toilette 100 ml – Prize worth €72 Draw no. 7: • 20 bottles of INVICTUS Eau de Toilette 100 ml – Prize worth €72 Draw no. 8: • 20 bottles of INVICTUS Eau de Toilette 100 ml – Prize worth €72 Draw no. 9: • A trip to Greece for two people worth €3500 including: o Round trip air tickets for 2 people in premium economy class leaving from Paris o Round trip transport from winner's nearest train station or airport to Paris – Excluding any transfers – In second class or economy class o 3 nights’ accommodation in Athens – Double room accommodation – 4-star hotel o No other costs apart from those stated above are covered in the prize. o The prize is non-transferable. The winner must present him/herself in person. o The prize is subject to availability and to be used by 30 June 2014.
The winners will be notified by the Organising Company by email. Losers will not receive any notification. From the date on which the confirmation request email is sent, winners will have 15 days from the date and time that the email was sent to confirm their win and their contact details. Once this period has expired, the prize will not be distributed and will become the property of the Organising Company. The winner cannot, under any circumstances, state that he/she was unaware of the confirmation email in order to receive the prize after the fifteen (15) day period from the date it was sent.
The winners shall be responsible for any potential administrative formalities specific to their country of residence that are necessary to claim the prizes. The Organising Company will not, under any circumstances, be responsible for these formalities and the corresponding deadlines which could prevent the winners from receiving their prize.
All winners must provide proof of age and place of residence upon request from the Organising Company. In the absence of such proof, their participation will be cancelled and they will not receive the prize.
The prizes will be made available to the winners and to them only, according to the information provided upon registration for the Contest. The prizes will be accepted just as they are announced in these rules and regulations. They cannot be exchanged or returned and there is no cash alternative or prize at an equivalent financial value of the prize. No change (date, prize etc.) for any reason can be requested from the Organising Company. Any complaints regarding the provision of prizes cannot result in financial compensation and/or a financial equivalent. The Organising Company reserves the right to substitute the prizes with one or more prizes of equal worth, without any claim to be made in this regard.
The Organising Company accepts no responsibility for any incidents or injuries of any kind specified by the winner that may occur due to use of the prizes (excluding manufacturer liability).
The Organising Company cannot be held liable in case of loss and/or damage of the prizes sent by post and/or in case of malfunctioning of the postal service. If the postal address or email address provided by the winner is mistaken or if the prize cannot be distributed, the prize in question will become property of the Organising Company.


Upon request, all Entrants can obtain reimbursement for the costs corresponding to the time spent playing the Contest based on a connection of four (4) minutes, or €0.76. It is specified that those users with a free or flat rate connection from their Internet service provider (such as connection by cable, ADSL or leased line) will not be able to receive any reimbursement, as their subscription to the service provider in this case is contracted for the use of the Internet in general and the Entrant does not face any additional costs or expenses to enter the Contest website.
If necessary, request for reimbursement must be addressed by post to the Organising Company along with the bank details, proof of an Internet subscription and letter indicating the date and time of the connection, no later than 15 days after the closing date of the Contest, authenticated by the postmark. The cost of the postage required for this request will be reimbursed upon written request on the basis of the slow letter rate in force. One reimbursement request per registered Entrant is permitted and must be sent in an envelope (same name, same postal address). Incomplete requests will not be considered.


The present rules and regulations have been filed at the office of Mr Didier RICHARD, Judicial Officer, SCP NADJAR & Associés – 164, avenue Charles de Gaulle – 92200 NEUILLY SUR SEINE, as well as at the company headquarters of the Organising Company. They can also be accessed on the website. A copy of these rules and regulations is sent free of charge to anyone requesting them by post to the address of the Organising Company: PUIG FRANCE, 65-67 avenue des Champs-Elysées – 75008 PARIS.
The postal stamp for sending these rules and regulations will be reimbursed at a flat rate based on the slow rate in force upon written request accompanied by bank or post office identity details attached to the request for the rules and regulations. One request for a copy of these rules and regulations and the reimbursement of fees incurred to obtain this copy is permitted per Entrant.
Any modification of these rules and regulations is subject to an amendment that would be available on the website and provided along with the rules and regulations to any person specifically requesting these.


Participation in the Contest involves the knowledge and acceptance of the characteristics and limitations of the Internet including technical performance, consultation response times, querying or transferring information, interruptions, connection problems, the lack of protection of certain data against possible misuse and risk of contamination by viruses circulating on the network. The Organising Company shall not be held liable for malfunctions which may affect the Internet network or for any problem linked to configuration or a certain browser.
The Organising Company does not guarantee that the website and/or the Contest will function without interruption, that they are free from IT errors or that any faults identified will be corrected.
The Organising Company will not be held liable for any technical malfunctions in the Contest, if Entrants fail to connect to the website or the Contest, if the data on the registration of an Entrant fails to reach the Company for some reason (for example, an Internet connection problem in the user's home for any reason) or if it arrives illegible or impossible to process (e.g. if the Entrant has a hardware or software environment that is unsuitable for registration), or in the event of email delivery problems. Entrants will not be entitled to any compensation in these instances.
In the same way, the Organising Company shall not be held liable for any material or immaterial damage caused to Entrants, their computer equipment and the data stored on them, or any direct or indirect consequences arising from them, including their personal, professional or commercial activity.
The Organising Company forbids all Entrants from modifying the Contest arrangements in any way whatsoever in view of changing the outcome of the parts or modifying the results. In this respect, the Organising Company reserves the right to enforce equal opportunity for all Entrants, including by legal means or any other method it deems fit.
Similarly, any attempt to use the Contest outside of the non-modified interface established on the site will be considered attempted fraud. In addition, the decompilation of the Contest, the use of personal script or any other method aiming to circumvent the intended use of the Contest will also be considered to be attempted fraud and will result in the Entrant's elimination from the Contest without recourse.
The Organising Company reserves the right to cancel, report, interrupt or extend the Contest or modify all or part of these rules and regulations for whatever reason without incurring any liability.


It should be noted that to participate in the Contest, Entrants must provide certain personal information about themselves (title, name, address, email, telephone number). The Entrants acknowledge having being informed of their rights as per the Data Protection Act no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 (amended) in their registration form.
This information is recorded and stored in a computer file and is necessary for entry to be considered and for determining the winners. This information is for the Organising Company for the sole purpose of contact and allocation of prizes.
However, those Entrants who wish to do so can tick the relevant box upon registration for the INVICTUS AWARD Contest to expressly authorise the Organising Company to use their data for marketing purposes.
By applying this law, Entrants have the right to access, rectify and delete the date concerning them. To exercise this right, candidates should send a letter to the following address: PUIG FRANCE, 65-67 avenue des Champs-Elysées – 75008 PARIS.
The winners authorise the Organising Society to proceed with all verifications concerning their identity and their residence. Any false information or proof of multiple entries will lead to the Entrant's elimination.


The Organising Company reserves all rights to modify these rules and regulations at any time and to make all decisions that could be deemed useful for the application and interpretation of these rules and regulations. The Organising Company is able to inform the Entrants using the method of their choice. The Organising Company also reserves the right to modify, extend, shorten, suspend or cancel the Contest without notice due to any event beyond its control, including an event of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances. The Organising Company reserves the right to invalidate and/or cancel all or part of the Contest if it appears that fraud or malfunction of any kind whatsoever has occurred, including by computer when participating in the Contest. In this case, it reserves the right to not allocate the prize(s) to fraudsters and/or to bring proceedings before the competent courts against the parties who have committed fraud. Fraud will result in the immediate disqualification of the perpetrator.
The Organising Company shall not be held liable as regards the above and Entrants will not be entitled to any compensation or damages of any nature whatsoever.
In addition, the Organising Company shall not be held liable on the final prize and any potential hazards arising from it (flight delays, strikes, personal injury, luggage loss etc.) Entrants are not entitled to any damage or compensation of any sort whatsoever.


These rules and regulations are subject to French law, excluding its rules of conflict of laws.
To be considered, any disputes relating to the Contest must be made in writing to the following address: PUIG FRANCE, 65-67 avenue des Champs-Elysées – 75008 PARIS, and at the very latest (30) days after the deadline for participation in the Contest as indicated in these rules and regulations.
In the event of persistent disagreement regarding this application or the interpretation of these rules and regulations, and in the absence of mutual agreement, all disputes will be subject to the courts with territorial.

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